Oct 12, 2015


Updates abound!

I made some pretty good progress on Cotton Candy.  After months of not stitching my fingers feel rather clumsy and I almost impaled myself with my laying tool a few times, but so far so good!

Master Stewey is loving the sunshine today:

My view from the dining room table.  Erin is updated with all of my appointments and to dos.  I swear, it's a lot more fun to write "take the trash out" when you have a cute little sticker as an accessory!

Here's the latest coloring page and the next one ready to go!

And finally, a few that I completed yesterday in between laundry loads and swishing the dishes around:

That's about it for now...I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!


  1. I wish I had more days just like yours!

  2. Cotton Candy is beautiful!! Be careful with that laying tool, we don't need you poking your eye out! Your coloring pages are wonderful! And Stewey looks blissful :)

  3. Your stitching is lovely and the art work looks great. Glad Stewey is relaxing in the sun.