Apr 27, 2015


Thank you for all of your comfort.  Sometimes all a spinster needs is the tender ministrations of her friends, a pat on the hand, a cup of of tea, and a "There, there, you poor dear" thrown in for good measure.

I made my trip to the bank and spent a delightful time with the lovely representative, who, as it would just so happen, was a classmate from Notre Dame.   I don't think we ever crossed paths while there, but it sure was nice to have a kind face lead me through what was surprisingly a relatively painless process.

Waiting until Saturday to get a new card is a little panic provoking, but I always have Stewey's emergency twenty to count on if I can't make it to the branch for a lobby cash withdrawl.

So I came home feeling slightly better than I did last night, when I discovered that my account had been hit again.  Same online dating site....different amount.

You will be happy and very proud to know that I harnessed my inner potty mouth and called the online dating site to politely let them know that if they hit my card or account again, I might just have to take it up with the duly designated authorities.

At  least that's how it went in my head anyway.

Turns out that I don't have a dog in the hunt, since my bank credited my account for both charges, and it's now up to THEM to chase this down....which, by the way, they probably won't do because the amounts are so miniscule when compated to the ba-jillion dollars that they normally have to keep track of.

So somewhere out there are a couple of people who will enjoy a month or two of online dating, thanks to my bank and the fact that there are apparently more important things in the world than worrying about an idiot spinster's debit identity.

I swear life was a lot simpler when you could buy stuff with two goats and a jar of jam.


  1. Giggle...two goats and a jar of jam?? I take it you have never lived with a goat or two. They can be rather rank and odiferous. Since January, I have taken a weekly allowance out of my bank and used cash for most things. I go through Paypal if I need to buy anything on line. It seems to provide a buffer between my account and the merchant. I'm so glad it was all mostly painlessly taken care of. It certainly pays to be extremely vigilant these days.

  2. I'm sorry you had to go through this because it really is a pain, but your telling the story is hilarious. I love, love reading your posts. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Glad it was taken care of for you! Yes, it is a pain to have to wait on the new card; but it should arrive soon. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Coni, I almost spit out my coffee when I read your closing line! I sympathize. How true, how true! Cathryn

  5. That is great that the bank credited you the money back.

    That would be a pretty sad story to tell the grand kids "well I was short on cash so I stole some kind woman's bank information and signed up for some online dating. Now here we are" bahaha

  6. Someone used our debit number for college tuition! All settled now, but we only use credit cards now.

  7. Coni, The same thing happened to me, except the attempted purchase was for $1.50 at a grocery store in London (I live in Maine!) Fortunately, the purchase was rejected as "suspicious". I have coworkers who have had this happen to them three or four times. I heard a security expert say to never us anything but a credit card -forget the debit card because the bank doesn't technically have to credit you in these situations whereas they do for a credit card. Ah, modern life!

  8. I assumed it was done by the hyena.

  9. Two goats and a jar of jam? I love it!

  10. All we have out here are 2 dogs and new-to-us, very busy cat to trade. We don't need any goats right now....

    Debbie in Kansas

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