Mar 26, 2015


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She's sitting in the Happy Chair on her ample heiney, drooling into her sweatshirt over a tuxedoed Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day.

It occurred to Mo-ther that she has never watched a James Bond movie from start to finish, and this particular Thursday seemed like as good a place as any to start.  I would have started with something involving a more classic Bond, but this is my stupid mo-ther we're talking about, after all.  So I will wait until she gets to one featuring Sir Connery before I reveal the news that the most recent Bond looks like Yours Truly with his fair hair and devastatingly handsome disposition.

Thank you for all of the lovely encouragement about the "situation" Mo-ther is presently embroiled in.  As she was boo-hooing the other night about her predicament, I reminded her that this is only a test and that she needn't worry about being made to feel the dumb bell.   There are plenty of us who love her...just as she is.

My Aunt Chrissy will step in eventually and set things to right again.  As she is fond of saying..."My sister?  Yeah, she's a marshmallow,  and she has a little dog that doesn't know he's a dog....but I'm the one you have to watch out for.  I'm the dog that BITES."

You have to love that in an aunt.

Tomorrow has been reserved for homekeeping, and then, as God is my witness, I am locking Mo-ther in the studio on Saturday until she comes out with a proper stitching basket in place.  It has been far too long since she had needle and thread in hand, and although I am a simple pup, methinks that this is surely most of her problem.

Besides, I can only put so many sedatives in her evening tea before the authorities are called and I am whisked away to account for my sins.

I do hope that this finds you well and that you know how much Mo-ther and I love and cherish your friendship.  It's an odd connection that we share, but one that is most truly priceless to us both.

With much love from your pal,


  1. I was reading your post below and the person in question sounds like a typical bully. The best way to deal with bullies is to either ignore them if the situation allows or to stand up to them which isn't an easy option. I truly wonder why people like that are allowed to get away with their behaviour through to adulthood - I used to teach and trust me it starts at an early age and for some reason parents let them away with it.

  2. Stewey, so good to hear from you and the update of your Mo-ther. :) You keep watch over her very well and I'm sure Aunt Chrissy and Mo-ther appreciate it. You take care and I hope all is comfy and cozy in your corner of the world. Cathryn

  3. Good for you Stewey on getting your Mo-ther back into stitching! Can't wait to see what appears in the stitchy basket :)

  4. Keep taking good care of your Mo-ther, Stewey.

  5. Dear Stewey, thank you for the update on your Mo-ther. I agree that any problems are most probably the result of not enough stitching. Please send her our love. Thank God for you and Aunt Chrissy! xx

  6. Oh yes, something to stitch! Please Stewey, make it so!

  7. Stewey, I think you have found just the ticket for improving Mo-ther's mood. The mama must stitch! Now that we have that little issue solved, I think your treaty negotiations could be best used to bring about world peace. Hugs to you, sweet fellow!

  8. Hi Stewey and Coni
    Been reading your blog for a while and decided to join in. Coni every day is a gift and life's to short to let negative attitudes in your life. Git to stichin' and livin' girl and leave the bullies of this world in the dust. Happy Easter!!!