Nov 28, 2014


The way this whole thing came about was that Aunt Chrissy and I were in the JoAnn's looking for something to do that would keep us out of the pumpkin pie.

"Hey, lookit!"  I said in the yarn aisle.  "Doesn't this kinda remind you of the spool thingie that Dad made us that we used to knit on?"

(Actually, it was Aunt Chrissy who spied these....and she said (most articulately, I might add) "Oh, this is a loom.  I've always wanted to learn to knit on a loom.  Perhaps we should try this....they are remarkably affordable and I see that the resulting accomplishment of finishing a project would be most satisfying.")

OK.  maybe she didn't say it EXACTLY that way, but the end result is the same.  We've both been loom knitting our fingers off for the better part of three days now and I almost have my first scarf.

It will be quite chunky, it is true, but then again, so am I and we all know how delightful THAT can be!

For those who've asked...this is called knitting on a long loom and you can learn all about it on the YouTube, just like I did.

Stewey and I hope that you are all well and cozy and happy.  If we get our chores done tomorrow I've promised him a tummy rub and some time in the studio putting together our Spinster Stitcher Christmas Basket O Stitchy Fun.

Stay tuned!!


  1. It looks beautiful. Hello to Stewey

  2. Your scarf is growing! The yarn looks very soft and cozy.

  3. That looks so cozy with the fire going! Can't wait to see what is in your Christmas stitchy basket :)

  4. This is so neat...maybe I can knit after all.

  5. What a great way to spend the day! I actually looked this 'thingie' up the other day because I was intrigued when I saw your picture in the last post. Thank you for explaining what it is.

  6. What tranquility and peace your photo inspires! I love it and now I'm thinking about a chunky scarf and a fire with a pup in front of it for me...except it would have to be a kitty cat :) as no pups here...:(