Jul 7, 2014


Mo-ther's version:

"Nine years ago yesterday, Aunt Chrissy and I traveled to the wilds of Indiana to pick up my two and a half pound bundle of joy.  I knew the very moment I held that little creature in my arms that my life would never be the same.  I looked deeply into his eyes, took a deep breath, and said:  "I.  Am.  Your.  Mommie."  We drove home, with Stewey sleeping peacefully in his Aunt Chrissy's arms (I think I even made her sit in the back seat for safety purposes!), and then I spent the rest of the night watching my new baby snore happily away in his playpen.  He was potty trained the next morning, learned to fetch a ball the next afternoon, and fully in love with his huge basket of fluffy toys by the end of the day.  What can I say?  Those first several months were sheer bliss and I would not trade one moment of the last 3,285 days for anything in this world."

Stewey's version:

"I couldn't have been picked up by that nice pediatrician and his wife from Cincinnati?"


Hard to believe it, but it's true.  Stewey and I celebrated nine years of being.....us.....yesterday.  I snuggled him every chance I got and he did his level best not to pee on the drapes.  All in all, a very good day.


  1. You are a lucky pair for sure.

  2. Happy Sortta Birthday Stewey. This should be worth a new toy or nine...Congrats

  3. Well a happy anniversary to you both. I hope there are many many more adventures and moments to come.

  4. Belated Happy Happy Wishes! :) Cathryn

  5. LOL! I LOVE your blog. Happy anniversary to both you and Stewey! Stewey, you be nice to Mo-ther!

  6. Awww.....I hope you both had a happy "gotcha" day! Stewie has a great mommie...which I'm sure he would admit if he were ever to be injected with "truth syrum". :)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    I love reading your blog--you two are quite a pair!
    Pets are such a joy in life! Yours is a true cutie!

  8. You are so lucky to have each other! I'm the worst dog mother in the world. Totally forgot to celebrate Stella's adoption day. It's been five years! I can hardly believe it.