Jul 18, 2014


I poked something, all right.


Right in the eye.

No, seriously....I sat down to start stitching and promptly reached up to brush a forelock from my forehead and poked myself in the eyeball with the needle.

If it weren't for the fact the Stewey laughed so hard (*) he peed the ottoman, I would have been really traumatized.  As it is, I checked for blood, slapped a cold compress on my head and went to bed.

Sometimes it's just not at all easy being me.

Now here's the good news in all of this.  Because I'm stupid enough to do this stuff and then even stupider enough to tell you all about it, I will get thousands of comments expressing sympathy and suggestions as to how I can live in the world and still be me at the same time.

What would I do without you all?  Thank you for your kindness...your inspiration...your tolerance...and most of all for just understanding . You ROCK!

Here's to happy weekends all around.

I. Am. Determined. To. Stitch. If. It's. The. Last. Thing. I. Do.

(*) In case you're wondering, his laughter is rather like that of the beloved Snoopy of Peanuts fame....high pitched, squeaky little giggles that make his whole little self jiggle and shake.


  1. Oh no, you poor thing. Hope everything is OK. Good luck on your next attempt at stitching.

  2. HUG! LOL I have empathy for ya...I'm a goober too. You go girl! Get that needle going in the RIGHT direction. LOL

  3. Until you start stitching again, take some updated photos of your Big Wall that you have a lot of your framed stitching on. You posted photos of that wall a few times over the years and I always find the photos inspiring!

    1. New reader here. I would love to see your 'wall'.

  4. And, that is the reason I love this blog, cause you Coni Rich are a bigger klutz. Hee, heee. don't worry I am not laughing with you, but at you and that is great. I am in Tulsa getting more stash at Silver Needle, whoopee for me. You should be here not in hoosierville poking your eye out.

  5. I'm just now finding and LOVING your blog, Coni! I went into your archive and found your first entry and Marissa is TOTALLY jealous of your craft-realm. When she can carve out a spot amidst my books and our cat (sorry, no canines--or kids for that matter--in our kingdom) she's a jewelry-making whiz. I look forward to more of your daily wisdom & humor!

  6. Oh my, seriously. Are you ok???? Sending prayers that nothing is harmed except the stretch muscles in Stewey's tummy from laughing so hard. Sir? It isn't funny! :-o Cathryn

  7. Oh my heavens! I hope there will be no lasting damage! And Snoopy is exactly who I imagine Stewey to be like.

  8. Oh no! I hope your eye is feeling better and still seeing well!

  9. Not good! Hope you are all better now.