Mar 9, 2014


It's not quite Spring, but Winter seem to be gasping her last breath.  The sun is shining today, but based upon the shivering Stewey that I see toasting his buns in front of the fireplace, methinks it's still cold outside.

So up to the studio I go....determined to refresh my stitchy basket and get some inspiration.  My mojo has been OK, but my stamina seems to suck the proverbial wind by the time 7pm comes about and it's time for needle and thread.

I decided to go with the idea that I would find two cross stitch projects, two counted canvas pieces, and one painted canvas piece.

First the cross stitch.  I heard the birds chirping as I went to get the paper this morning, so I figured that it would still be suitable to play with Rosewood Manor's Winter Quakers for a little bit more.   Besides, my start on this was pretty pathetic.  So into the basket it went:

For my next cross stitch piece, I decided to go with Come Tarry from Shepherd's Bush.  What is it about these long band samplers that can make even the worst day wonderful?

For counted canvas, I found this lovely Laura J. Perin Stained Glass Windows lounging in the WIP bin.  I don't know why I ever put it down in the first place, to be honest, so adding it back in to the mix seems like a no-brainer:

I don't know if I ever shared a pic of this one before.  It's Kimberly Crum's Floral Block Two, and as you can see from the tiny little bit of progress I made, it hit the back of the archive before I was able to really get into some of those colors.  Purple and olive green really blow my skirt up sometimes, so this one should be fabulous once I get 'er done:

When I started to paw through my stash for a painted canvas, I started to get a little frustrated.  Something in the back of my mind kept saying to me "I just know that I have the absolutely perfect thing to go in this damn basket, but for the life of me I can't think what it might be!"

And then I spied a little cabinet tucked into the corner with some of Stewey's crafty things.  OMG!  THIS IS THE EXACT CANVAS I AM LOOKING FOR!  WHAT THE HECK IS IT DOING IN MY LITTLE DOG'S CRAFTY THINGS?!

He couldn't offer an explanation, but I think he was miffed that I haven't yet started this beauty.  Remember it?  It's from Zecca, and is all kitted up and stitch guided by Miss Ruth Schmuff Her Very Self.  

Oh, what joy, what bliss I am going to have today!  I am freshly showered, in clean pajamas, and armed with a gallon of diet Coke.  I don't know if there's anything of interest on the TeeVee, but for the first time in quite a while, I could care less.  I've got a MAJOR love affair going with this little Intermission Basket and I'm not afraid to enjoy it!

Here's hoping that your Sunday is as lovely and joyful as you want it to be!  Onward!


  1. Wow, what fabulous projects you've picked! We've been having some more spring like weather here in the UK after a winter of nothing but rain!

  2. Ooh, I really love those last two! Since Master Stewie likes the canvas well enough to hide it in his own craft basket, maybe he will work on it when you're not, and it will get done twice as fast!

  3. You picked out some very lovely projects to keep you busy.

  4. Those are some wonderful springtime projects to stitch. I really like the L J Perin design and the painted canvas. Looking forward to seeing some progress. :)

  5. Wonderful projects Coni! I am looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  6. Connie - what strikes me is not only the beauty of the projects, and the vibrancy of the colors of the fibers and canvases, but the little boxes you organize everything in. Those are wonderful! And I don't think I've ever seen the smaller boxes like that. What a great idea! Stay warm. Indy should be warming up about now ( - : You all have sure had a rough winter.

  7. Great plan! I've been working away on a couple of WIPs, but I see that great minds think alike. I recently acquired one of Kimberly's new painted canvases, Camel Flowers (with a stitch guide written by her very own self), as well as one of her old charted canvas designs, Her Grace. I've told myself I'm not allowed to even think about starting them until after I finish three ongoing projects. Must. Obey.

  8. You picked out some really nice projects to work on and I can't wait to see progress pics.

  9. You've picked some great projects, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the canvas

  10. What a beautiful selection of designs, there really is something for every mood there. Looking forward to seeing the progress pictures on these.

  11. Love your beautiful designs. Great projects! I look forward to following your progress. I love the containers for organization. Please share where I can purchase it.