Oct 26, 2013


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  I've sent her to the Targets for some industrial strength Tylenol to see if I can knock back what can only be described as a migraine of epic proportions.  For a small pup, I pack a mighty punch when it comes to pain, so forgive my scattered thoughts as I try to bring you up to speed on the old lady's shenanigans.

The autumnal season started well enough, with Mo-ther heading up to the studio armed with good intentions of a hearty clean-out, followed by a re-stocking of the stitchy basket.  Alas, it was not to be.  Instead of rekindling her passion for all things needlework, she ended up exacerbating a bad case of the "Oh why can't I be a normal person and just do things in moderation blues" instead.

Yup.  Nothing has changed with my stupid mo-ther, despite thousands and thousands of dollars spent in the self-help section of our local bookstore and countless hours spent with me listening to her complain about all of the crazy crap that dances around in her head on any given day.

I swear, I could have thrived with a smarted owner.

All is not lost, however, since I watched in amazement as Mo-ther made herself a healthy breakfast smoothie, and I think I overheard her telling my Aunt Chrissy that she fully intended to spend the day in the Happy Chair working on the final stages of this:
That's "Autumn Jumble" by The Drawn Thread, and if we weren't in the habit of falling asleep with needle in hand at 7:30 every night it would have been completed long ago.

I know that you're probably very concerned about my headache, but please understand that it is only because I am so thoroughly disappointed with this year's seasonal display.  (I use the term sarcastically, of course, since THIS is what constitutes Mo-ther's attempts at welcoming in our favorite season this year):
 Are you horrified?  I know I am.  Remember the fantastic arrangements that my Aunt Chrissy did last year and the year before that?  Well, I'm sorely tempted to call her up with the promise of a glass of an impertinent little Merlot if she'll just come over and help a nephew out.

Tomorrow will start a new tradition here at Chez Spinster.  Mo-ther is going to start a new project that has been languishing up in the studio forever.  It's called "Looking Glass" and is by Threedles.  I think that the canvas color is supposed to be bright yellow, but when we perused all of the threads yesterday, we realized that this mottled brown might just be gorgeous.  Only time will tell.

Well, friends, I suppose that bring us up to speed for the day.  I apologize for my long absence, but please know that you've never been far from my thoughts (or affections).  I will try to be better about writing, but I'm presently between valets at the moment, and the interviews are consuming me with dread.

Until we meet again, I remain your loyal and devoted friend.
With much love from your pal,


  1. Sorry to hear about the headache; I think it is the season for them! I really like the mottled brown canvas that you shared a picture of your upcoming project.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I can relate on the migraine issue; hope you are feeling much, much better very, very soon! Looking forward to seeing your latest project come to life.

    Take care!

  3. Hi Stewey, sorry about your headache. The trees are throwing off all kinds of stuff, and the air pressure today in the Northeast is adding to my headache, too. Tylenol and caffeinated Diet Coke for you, young man. I'm really lovin' your Mom's Autumn Jumble and I think the addition this year of the sensational Autumn House (sorry I forget the actual name) makes that whole wall SING! On another note....are you looking a little guilty there, or is it me? Is it your headache? It wouldn't have anything to do with the drapes, would it???

  4. Hope your migraine goes away. I know how horrible those can be. Your Jumble is coming along nicely. Love the Looking Glass. Looking forward to seeing it's progress.

  5. Stewey - we moved from Indpls. to Colorado 19 years ago. I get so much less headaches, sinus infections, etc. It's because of the humidity and the beautiful "greenness" you have there in that arid climate. Love your seasonal display. I'm always thinking what a great decorator you are. Hope you feel better really quickly. We'll be in your neck of the woods next week. Take care!

  6. I am so sorry about your headache, Stewey. I hope it gets better. Please tell you mother that the needlepoint that was promised her at the beginning of the year is still boxed up for her waiting to make it to the PO. I have not forgotten but it has been a crazy year.

  7. loove your wall and the future project. enjoy the last stitches on that Drawn Thread, it's beautiful!
    hope the headaches gives you a break, Stewey.

  8. Migraines are horrible but drastic ups and downs are worse. Hang in, stitchy girl!
    New project looks very interesting. Look forward to watching progress.

  9. Oh Stewey, I know your head hurts but really, be kind! Love the autumn jumble, will have to check it out. And you know, maybe enough with the valet......dare I suggest just getting on with everything yourself? Ironing is not THAT hard and your smoking jackets are pretty small :)