Aug 26, 2013


Once again, I was minding my very own business when.....KA-BLAM ! ! !

My water heater blew up.

And then when I went into the kitchen to make myself some comfort toast, my toaster oven went...KA-PLEWEY!

I emailed Aunt Chrissy, called the home warranty company, and then went to bed and pulled the covers over my head for a week and a half.

I'm none the worse for wear, but confess that I keep looking over my shoulder for the next major appliance breakdown to happen at the most unfortunate moment.  Don't these things always come in threes?

The roof is almost complete on my Laura J. Perin Harvest Moon House, so I'll have pictures for you soon.



  1. You just may have broken the spell by going to bed for so long! Looking forward to the pictures of the Harvest Moon House.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I just had two small failures, both explosive but not horrible. I'm trying to imagine what the third could be. Can't wait to see a Harvest Moon House pic!

  3. Hope you don`t have a third disaster! I am looking forward to your progress pics!! Kisses to Stewey...

  4. Oh Coni!
    Last Christmas Eve we got home from Midnight Liturgy, and my last job of the day...thankfully...working toward my big family dinner the next day, was to make pecan pie. I had everything ready, quickly rolled out the pie crust and mixed the filling...I know I was half asleep...I was putting the filling into the dish...the oven was nearly preheated...and I saw a huge --FLASH!!-- behind me. Ummm...? I don't think anyone would be taking a picture of the back of my legs, would they? No, you guessed it. The element in my oven just flamed out. At 2:45am on Christmas morning.
    I'm telling you...I think I could hear my 23-pound turkey laughing all the way from the basement refrigerator. Thankfully, my version of Aunt Chrissy lives only 7km away. Can you imagine moving everything the next much fun...

  5. Maybe we could form a club, I'm waiting for my #3 happening to happen. Last 2 weeks the hard drive in my computer decided to go on a permanent vacation, and then last week the element coil in my oven flashed and quit the job of heating up and baking my food.

  6. EWWwwwww I hate when that happens. Come out come out wherever you are! Hope things improve for you. Cathryn

  7. No bueno - my washing machine died last week while it was full of my husband's dirty work clothes and dirty water - ick. Wow are those things expensive now! Sending good thoughts that your 2 and my 1 disaster will balance out to the 3 needed to satisfy the universe.