Jun 7, 2013


So there I was, minding my own business, when it kinda hit me smack dab between the eyeballs.  Instead of agonizing about how in the holy heck I'm going to stitch the leaves on this canvas, I decided to get started on the center flower.  And to do that, I decided to stitch the same cross-hatch stitch in the center so that it will be all matchy matchy and also come a bit forward.  I think that I'm going to stitch that purple loop do loop in the same stem stitch background as the yellow flowers in the outer border, and then the rest of the big flower will be tent stitch.  (Don't fret about the little black dots, kids.  I'm going to tart this sucker up to within an inch of its life with some pretty crystals and beads when it's all done, so those definitely won't get lost in the shuffle.)
Isn't it funny how inspiration strikes?  I find that morning shower time is the most productive, but if I go into said shower telling myself that I'm going to solve the mysteries of the universe...nothing.  But if I'm half asleep and not really quite human at o'dark hundred, KA-BAM!  I'm witty and urbane and smart and organized.  Ideas flow like water from Ye Olde Target showerhead, and before I've lathered, rinsed, and repeated, I'm on fire with brilliant-ness.

(Too bad I can't figure out how to make those few moments of mental clarity last throughout the day, or we'd really get stuff done around here.)

Methinks I'm going to plant my fanny in the Happy Chair with a Magic City marathon and some ice cold Cleveland water for sustenance today (*).   The laundry will still be there tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Fussypants would rather lounge in the sun than hide under the bed to get away from the Hoover.

Here's hoping that your weekend is exactly as fabulous as you want it to be!  Woo Hoo!

(*) Cleveland water:  When Aunt Chrissy and I were at the Cleveland Clinic, there was a big jar of water in the lobby filled with herbs and fruits and stuff.  (Remember that?  I kept making Aunt Chrissy drink it because I was convinced that it was magic and would fix whatever's wrong with her.)  Well, I've started a little tradition here at Chez Spinster whereby I fill a pitcher up each morning with lemons and limes and mint and basil and whatever else sounds good, and I try to sip on it all day.  And yes, before you ask...I scrub the lemons and limes and mint and basil thoroughly and use bottled water, so if this is going to end up killing me, it will only be from good intentions and not some crazyass pesticide that they're using on citrus these days to make it more citrus-like.
Happy, happy weekend, folks!  We'll see you on the other side!


  1. When I originally read about the clinic water on your post, I thought I wonder if I would like it...now you post about it again...I just might give it a try. I generally drink water all day..sometimes with lemon. What do you suggest for other ingredients?

  2. Sounds like an excellent plan, as well as the Cleveland water. ;) Cathryn

  3. Love the cross hatch you've chosen for the flower center! I've just begun to venture into painted canvas some and it's amazing how much thought a person (me) can dedicate to stitch and thread selection. My inspiration always come in the 'loo'. :-D

    Your citris water looks amazing!

  4. you do such amazing stitching can't wait to see how it turns out

  5. I love the stitch for the flower!! I used a *waffle* stitch. I have pulled out the middle flower so many times and changed the thread...gets a bit frustrating I am going to use *mute black* beeds. I am still working on the flower, for I am like you...what to work on next.

    I have begun the leaves. One leaf I did in all tent stitch, it is the smallest of the leaves. The other larger leaves I am stitching the encroaching gobelin. It seems to work well with the shape of the leaf, plus changes threads as the colors of the leaf change.

    I was thinking of doing something totally different for the leaf right under the flower, but then I think, why mess up a good thing and plan to use the same stitch for the leaf under the flower.

    I have been following your blog for a few years now and your work is lovely. I look forward to seeing how you finish your current project.

  6. Coni,
    I have just started attaching my canvas just like yours to the bars. I love your choice of colors and stitches! Would be presumptuous of me to ask for the numbers of the colors that you used? I love them! I hope I can do as wonderful a job as you have done! You are an inspiration! Love your blog!