May 12, 2013


My Mo-ther can't come to the blog right now.  She's snoring away in the big girl sleigh bed while I am left to my own devices with this computer and a few pesky squirrels at the bird feeders for company.  I realize that it has been quite a long while since last we spoke, so I hope that this finds you hale and hearty, my dear friends.

Happy Mother's Day to one and all on behalf of spoiled little pups like myself.  (Did I really just say that?  Could it be that I'm turning a new leaf and am realizing that I really do have a pretty good gig here with the old lady and all of her crazy notions of what it takes to raise a "uniquely interesting individual" such as myself?  Have I come to appreciate the fact that, while completely clueless, my stupid Mo-ther always comes from a place of love, even if the end result is usually something that makes me want to tear my little white fluffy hairs out?  Am I learning to be loving and grateful for the happy home that she's bumbleclucked her way into creating?)


Here is some progress on the Rishfield canvas that Mo-ther started at the beginning of the year.  As you can see, she's completed stitching all of the white flowers, and has added a lovely elongated cross border in between the green and red sections and on the perimeter.  Methinks this will be quite lovely once completed, provided the old lady doesn't go totally off her nut and do something crazy like apply felt daisies to the damn thing.

We're off to a quiet Sunday. My Aunt Chrissy and pesky cousin Bosco will arrive shortly for a marathon session of stitching, snacking, and Game of Throning.  We seem to have finally fallen into a pattern of "Sissy Sundays" that makes my mom's heart positively sing, so I suppose we had better keep doing it for the duration if we expect to keep any peace and quiet around here.

I hope that you know that until we meet again I remain your loyal and devoted friend.  To all of the mothers out there in Blogville, I wish you a most heartfelt Happy Mother's Day and all that comes with it.

With much love from your pal,


  1. Oh Stewey: You are so lucky to have a great Mother even if she does like to be in her big girl sleigh bed.
    I think of all the poor domestic animals that are alone wandering this world without a Mother.
    Even the wild animals are sometimes without a parent.
    Blessings to your Mother on this beautiful day for Moms.
    Now an order from Minnesota go give her the biggest kiss you can find.

  2. Dear Stewey,
    That is, without a doubt, the SWEETEST little face I have seen since my own sweet Lizzie went to Heaven. I sincerely hope that you,
    Mo-ther, Aunt Chrissie and Bosco have a wonderful day of bonding!


  3. Dearest Stewey,
    You are by far the cutest little pup I've ever seen. Wish your mom a very happy day of stitching and snuggling. Sharon

  4. LOL at bumblecluck!! I`m stealing that one! *grabs Stewey and gives him a squeeze and a kiss*

    Happy Mothers Day Coni!!

  5. Stewey!! Love the pic. I have missed your posts, little pup! Sissy Sundays sound wonderful. What's not to love about a day of stitching, snacking, and favorite show watching?? Of course Mother's stitching is impeccable and gorgeous, as always. Hugs and kisses to you both.

  6. I've missed seeing that little face! I'm with your mom on Game of Thrones... :-)

  7. Your Mo-ther is very good to you, sweet little guy, and she can do no wrong with her stitching choices. Love that she hunkers down for time with her sister, your cousin, and Game of Thrones!