Apr 24, 2013


A few moments ago I glanced outside to see if the sun had finally decided to poke its pretty little head out, and I saw snowflankes.


On the 24rd day of April.


Stewey has passed out in front of the fireplace (which, oddly enough, isn't on)  so I am going to hit the Happy Chair for a little stitchy time before bed. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know it's only 5:30, but sometimes a spinster just needs to think about going to bed. 

Tragic, isn't it, that thinking about going to bed is the highlight of my day?


  1. Well, heck. Sometimes going to bed is THE HIGHLIGHT of my day!!

  2. gotta love global warming....

  3. Sometimes I even take a NAP before I go to bed!

  4. While I haven't seen a snowflake yet, so far this month has been alternating days of gloomy skies & low 40s temps with days of bright sunshine & temps in the 70s. So no sooner is one's mood elevated by warmth and light, one is again plunged into gloom and cold. It's been a yo-yo. But today we have sunshine and I am prepared to delight in it ... as long as it lasts.

  5. I haven't seen snow in April very often, but 37 years ago on the 24th (my wedding day) we saw snowflakes while we were preparing. It was rainy, sunny, snowy and cold that day, but we were not paying too much attention to the weather.

  6. ah, yes, the high point of the day: bedtime!
    (((((((((hugs)))))))))), wish you were my neighbor! or at least in the same town - lol

  7. Not tragic at all. I can't wait to get in my bed. Snuggly covers and a good book are something to look forward to!