Mar 13, 2013


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She's out in the driveway trying to convince my limo driver that a Mishawaka Public Library card is surely adequate payment for my recent excursion from O'Hare to Chez Spinster.  (What can I say?  My flight from Rome was delayed getting in and there was only so much time to grab my valise and hop on board the Hummer stretch that was conveniently parked at the curb.)

Stupid Mo-ther.  She actually thought I was going to take the bus home after the ordeal of being rejected as the next Pope. (For the record, methinks I would have made a very good Pope, especially when you consider that my campaign platform was "Red shoes for everybody!")

Moments ago I heard someone on the TeeVee say "The problem with the Catholic Church is that it's run by humans."  It must be my jet lag, because I found myself snarking "As opposed to other churches that are run by gerbils?"  I mean, even I, a very simple pup knows that that was a silly thing to say.

So now that I'm stateside once again, I hope to return to more regular postings. There really hasn't been a lot to report, unfortunately.  Mo-ther has been on her very best behavior and has even managed to put a few stitches into her canvas, but I'll have to show you later since the TSA confiscated my camera.  (Dirty bastards.)

(Oops.  Maybe that's why the vote didn't go my way.)

I hope that this does find you well and that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be.  Know that I love and cherish you most dearly and that I'll return to this little corner of our world very soon!

With love from your pal,
Stewey Sanctis, Second Runner-up to the new guy, but who is not bitter about it in the least.


  1. Oh Stewey! We had such high hopes for you. Knowing how compassionate you are, you would have made a fabulous pup, I mean Pope!

    I am certain that your Mother is happy to have you back and not permanently living in Rome. She would have been so lonely!

  2. Awww, Stewey, so sorry they did not elect you pope. You would most certainly have received my vote, were I allowed to vote for the new pope. But I'm glad you will be staying here. You would have been sorely missed.

  3. Pope Steward would have had a very regal sound to it ... not sure how well the congregation would have loved Milkbones and water instead of Host & wine ...

  4. God bless you, Stewey! Your commitment to service is a testiment to your character! :D Cathryn

  5. Mo-ther must be glad that papa is a Jesuit, having survived their temple of higher education. It is probably best you were not elected Stewey, I think the red hat might be a bit over the top for a little doggie.

  6. Stewey, I would definitely have voted for you.

  7. OMG...thank you for the LOL moment!!! I so needed that.
    You are all in my thoughts and hope things are getting better. Stewey, if ever you need a retreat you are welcomed here with my 3 misfits! (1 yr old poodle, 12 1/2 yr old greyhound and 15 yr old terrier/mix we don't know what...all rescued.) Sounds like you would fit right in with this bunch, they all think they are not only human, but at the top of the food chain, so to speak.
    Judy in Kansas

  8. Finished reading the latest NN issue last night, and still chuckling over the Amadeus stitched with llama poop spun silk. You go, Girl!