Jan 17, 2013


Now I know that this is going to come as a complete shock to all of you, but there are two things that you should know about your whack-a-doodle Spinster Stitcher.

1) She has a propensity to knee jerk.

2) Because she is a person who knows no middle ground, she swings violently between everything being perfectly perfect in every way/oh what a beautiful morning to...oey/we're all going to hell in a handbasket.

Given these delightful quirks, I have made an executive decision to take a little news fast.  Not sure what this is?  Well, Dr. Andrew Weil suggests that every now and then we need to unplug ourselves from the 24/7 stream of news that comes our way via television, radio, computer, smart phone, beeper, iPad, carrier pigeon, town crier, and whatever other method one uses to get one's news these days.  He says that a news fast is one of the 8 Steps to Optimal Health, and when you consider the fact that this is also the guy that said the best thing you can do for yourself is eat a piece of dark chocolate every day, I believe it to be so.

So I'm unplugging.

I don't know if it's the moon, or my mood, or my present predicament of standing in the vestibule to menopausal hell, but I seem to be losing the plot.  Yes, dearies, I've become even more unhinged than is normal for a person of my temperament, so methinks it's time to grab the needlework and You've Got Mail and hit the happy chair for a little soul soothing meditation.

I don't know if Manti Te'o is a hero, a victim, or a villain.  I don't know what (if anything) will come of this whole mess, and I certainly don't want to even think about the fact that it's possible that this level of cruelty could exist in a human person to do such a thing, whether it was perpetrated on him or perpetrated by him.

What I do know is that this is one crazyass big blue marble we're living on, and while I do like knowing things as much as the next guy, I think that sometimes I'm a little better off hearing about it once the circus has pulled out of town and there's nothing left to do but sweep up the elephant poop.  So, forgive me if you were hoping for pithy insight or a well-formed opinion regarding the overall state of affairs, but the truth is....

I got 'nuthin.

P.S.  Do you think Lance Armstrong sent him a muffin basket?


  1. /de-lurking/
    I cannot recall how I found your blog (another stitching blog most likely), but I have enjoyed reading about all your stitching adventures and the occasional side story (food/trips/decorating). I also enjoy Stewey's two-cents worth also :). (its nice to have an alter-ego).

    I will confess to un-plugging quite a while ago. I do watch the local news for the WEATHER, but I find I use the mute button a lot even when the commercials aren't running. If a story catches my eye/ear enough I will google it if I need more information, but that doesn't happen often.

    I do have a stitcing question. The needlepoint project listed 2 posts ago, was it distributed by the company and designed by another person? I realize it may not be in current production, but it has really caught my eye. Did it have name or was it just a numbered canvas?

    M in NC
    (who does endeavor to eat dark chocolate every day)

    1. Hellooooo, M!

      Thanks for writing! The designer of the canvas is Rishfeld Designs. The item number is 16-558.

      Woo Hoo!

  2. I think that is a wise choice, especially since the news more often than not raises one's blood pressure. :-o Wise choice Ms. Coni! Enjoy your stitching. Cathryn

  3. Wise choice ... what with all the bad news this year concerning ND football [date-rapes, cover-ups and now this girlfriend who may or may not be real, may or may not have died] ... it's probably best to withdraw from the fray for a while.

  4. Oh my gosh Coni, I wish you would come here to Neenah, WI and sit at my kitchen table and talk my ear off. You make me laugh so. I so love everything about your last paragraph, the big blue marble reference and how you put into words about the circus....just love it. But then you go and make me snort out loud with the p.s. damn girl you got it!

  5. I unplugged from 'news' years ago and am happy as a clam about it. Most stories I do not ever know about and I think it makes for a less stressful life. I watch the weather and then turn to either HGTV or DIY with an occasional foray into a decent TV show, like Downton's Abbey. Really, it does keep me on a much more even keel and reduces my stress level quite a bit. And I think my health is happier for it too.

  6. I am sure if Lance Armstrong sent a basket, it would not be filled with muffins!LOL

  7. I just recently ran into your blog. I trust that unplugging from media input will not stop you from writing and posting. If you collected and published this blog, it would be a bestseller! Your writing is very funny and what I especially appreciate is your extraordinary writing abilities. You are good for the soul!

  8. How right you are! I have not watched the news of late. Just read things online from time to time. Less stressful for sure. Enjoy your stitching!

  9. I rarely, seldom almost never listen to the news and I feel my life is much better! It is freedom and am finding the media create stories where there is o story.

    Listen to books on tape while you stitch instead of the news

  10. Oh Coni, I'm cracking up! I'm so glad that we have humor to deflect the crazy crap that we're hearing about every day and that you are out there to help me laugh through it. If we didn't have humor, we might all believe that everyone lies, and everyone is out to get us and that would be terribly depressing and actually incorrect. The world view is so far from reality sometimes. I like the idea of the news fast, and have actually done the tech-fast thing over weekends lately. Disconnecting from all the voices, except those that are really important is a good thing, I've discovered.

  11. I'm with Wilma in that I hope this unplugging doesn't keep you from us here in blogland. I absolutely L.O.V.E reading your posts!

  12. I think Lance is supremely annoyed to have the focus off of Lance Armstrong!!!

  13. Oh my gosh, that last line had me truly laughing out loud, I love your insight and pithy comments. You're the best. I agree that a news fast is a good thing and I try to do it but sometimes get sucked in. This news story about the ND QB is odd odd odd, I don't know if I care to know the truth after all the speculation.

    Anyway, I enjoy your posts so please don't take a blog fast or anything. Enjoy your stitching!

  14. OMG Love the last line. Enjoy your stitching time.

  15. The news fast is great but how do I get the people at work to stop talking about all of the self-important sports morons out there. Now Tiger Woods wants to re-marry his wife, offering her a better pre-nup if he philanders again. Maybe it's just the self-important sports morons whose first names have five letters: Lance, Manti, Tiger. Lance is probably sorry to lose the spotlight. I'll watch the news again when I can see some examples of honesty and humility. I'm printing out your post and passing it around, Love to you and Stewey. (BTW hope Aunt Chrissy is doing well!)

  16. Coni, We started having Silent Sundays before we left the states and we love it because no tv, radio or music just hubby, Clarice the Cat and me just sitting in jammies all day reading, talking and in my case, stitching. Now that we are in Germany it is almost required because there are no stores open (not even gas stations) and per customs, no one can run the dishwasher, washing machine, mow the yard,ect.....in other words it is a true day of rest. I actually look forward to Sundays and the escape from the real world. And BTW, Clarice snores really loud which is really noticeable in the quiet.
    Hope Aunt Chrissy is feeling well and you guys have a great weekend

  17. I haven't watched the news in years. It is too discouraging. Since when is greed so good and crooks are celebrated?

  18. I'm news junkie but even I think it's good to unplug once in a while.

    I'll make this observation about Lance and Te-o (and others who have been in similar situations, I've noticed how the press (including the sports press) seem to enjoy putting people on pedestals and how they REALLY enjoy kicking them when they fall.

    Makes me glad I'm fairly anonymous.

  19. I agree with Rita-unfortunately the press does love a scandal about Notre Dame! Feel bad for Te-o and hope it sheds some light on internet fraud and the trouble teens can get themselves into. News junkie here-but a shut down is a good and welcome idea! Keep calm and stitch on!

  20. I had to look up what you were talking about (let's face it, I really do live under a rock sometimes) because I don't keep up with the news that much...wow...that's all I've got..Wow! And the first thing I thought of when I read all the stuff, is that this man needs prayer, like you said, not sure if he did it, or it was done to him, or what...but either way, he really needs prayer!

    Oh, and thanks for making me have to clean my computer screen today...I had just taken a sip of tea (yeah, Earl Gray don't ya know) and then I read that line about Lance Armstrong and a muffin basket...nothing quit like giving your computer screen a good Christening with Earl Gray in the morning! :)

  21. Shows what I know, he's a LB. Sorry, ;-)

  22. I have unplugged from the *news* as well. There is no more substance, just *Entertainment Tonight* type of interviewing. I was a fan of NBC news till they started showing the *dumbing down* of America and no *real* news or substance.

    I will here bits and pieces here and there but the only time I truly watch tv is when there is a thunderstorm in the area, just want to see if I need to take shelter for a possible tornado!! I unplugged officially about 7 months ago and guess what, I was getting UFO's done!!

    Enjoy your creative time!! I am enjoying mine!!