Jan 30, 2013


Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity for yours truly, but I think that the best part of it all was realizing that I am capable of going out for dinner with a friend without too much adult supervision.  Normally, I am accompanied by Aunt Chrissy, who does her level best to make sure that I don't make a complete boob of myself (at least not too terribly often), but last night I was on my own.

If you asked me when I became incapable of adult human interaction, I couldn't say exactly, but I do know that there was a time in my life when I was able to act somewhat normal, use a proper dining utensil without having a nervous breakdown, and remember my manners for more than four consecutive minutes without having to run to the ladies room to talk to myself in the mirror.

Sheesh...when did it get so damn difficult to just be me?

(Already I can hear the Peanut Gallery piping up, so to that I will say "Settle down, kids.  I may have BEEN a complete social misfit my entire life, I just didn't KNOW it until now.")

So what's new with you on this fine Wednesday morning?  Are you chanting "Gloom, gloom, go away" like we are here in Hoosierville?  58 today....14 tomorrow!

Woo Hoo!


  1. I live on the coast in southern California. So I am not going to comment on the weather. But I do have to say that I have been following your blog for quite a while and it is great!
    I am currently in a funk. I was working on a big Catherine Theron sampler and one of the sections did not turn out great. Do I rip the whole section out? Do I try to fix the individual stitches? I am 80% finished, and the sampler has been set aside for 2 months. I should mention that this section took me a month to do and I was so focused on the blades of grass that I did not see that the lawn was no good. Sigh.

    1. Oh, dear heart. Might I suggest that you post pictures of your piece? That way, everybody can tell you how wonderful it is and you can then pat yourself on the back for being creative enough to "customize" the design. Never give up!

  2. Hi Coni - Love your and Stewey's blog! It's always a bright spot in my day. We are in the PNW, so it's lots of gloom and wet, wet days as well. Looking forward to spring! Best, Kate

  3. If you lived closer to me, you could join my stitch group and fit right in. We have often commented as we leave a restaurant that the establishment would ask us politely (or not) to never come back because we disturbed the other diners. Well I believe that the other diners just wish they could join us cause we are having soooo much fun. My weather here in Illinois is supposed to start changing this afternoon, like yours from warm to cold and precip in some form. FYI I also have a feline version of Stewey at home "THE BOSS" and he shakes his head at me all the time too.

  4. Did you bring a doggy bag home for Stewey? It sounds as if you had a nice evening out.

  5. Sounds like an interesting adventure. Do it more often who really cares what the rest of the world will thinks CJ in OK

  6. Yes this weather is bizarre! Tuesday it was 65 here in Chicagoland, today it is 14. It rained and snowed yesterday, today the sun peeked out for 3 minutes. Gloom. Not even motivated to stitch...

  7. Hi Coni, what a great blog to visit. Some of your writing made me chuckle and I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for brightening up the internet for many.