Dec 10, 2012


Seeing how this is a Monday and all, I awoke at the crack of 10am with plans of laundering and cleaning and tweaking and putzing and futzing until the day was done and the house was back in its proper state of Spinster chaos.

But it's gloomy and cold and sleepy today, and I have a little fuzzy dog who insisted on crawling under the ottoman blankets and calling it a day, so plans changed quickly.

So far I've managed to read the paper, figure out the Jumble, make a hlaf-assed attempt at the New York Times Sunday crossword, and eat enough egg salad to give my statin a heart attack.  Throw in a vat of dietCoke and a few Starbucks French Roasts, and you've got yourself a good morning.

Here it is in pictures.  As always, I apologize for the craptastic photography, but reading the instruction booklet that came with the camera isn't on my color wheel today.

The lump you see under the ottoman blanket is the artist formerly known as Stewey.  The little pear picture is a Sissy Day gift from Aunt Chrissy, and I thought I would title the last picture "Raise High the Roofbeam, Spinster", but then I realized that I'm not really smart and/or well read enough to make such an obscure reference, so I just figured I'd remind you that the stitchy piece is Laura J. Perin's Harvest Moon House.

Back to the Happy Chair!  Woo Hoo!  Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. I consider myself pretty well read (or at least I used to be), but I had to look up the Salinger reference. It's a muggy, overcast, icky 85 degrees today, so while I share yours and Stewey's cuddle and snooze sentiments, I couldn't possibly deal with fireplaces and blankets! As always, Chez Spinster looks wonderful. I may have to spend a few hours staring at your fireplace. :)

  2. I, too, had to look up the Salinger reference, as I avoided becoming an English major because I hated to write long, analytical term papers....
    Your home looks so beautiful: light, airy, Christmassy, and I love the mantle decorations.

  3. The pear painting is lovely but if you squint just the teensiest bit it looks like a rump....and I don't mean roast. :)

    Lovely home, Coni!

  4. I love that design! I am gonna have to find it.

    As always, your holiday decor is sublime. Stay warm up in the "frozen north". I'll try to send some Florida sunshine up your way, but can't promise anything as it is cool and rainy/stormy here.

  5. Your house looks great! And I like the Harvest Moon piece. Love her work anyway! :)

  6. Love the fire in the fireplace Coni! Looks all cozy and warm! Loving your festive decorations. Just beautiful!

  7. Now I'm going to have to go re-read - maybe I can have a little personal Salinger festival - I have a Fitzgerald one about every other year - thanks for the idea!

    Your home looks so cozy and inviting

    Mary in MN

  8. Everything in your home looks beautiful, including your stitching!

  9. Mrs. Wapshot. Funnier every time I hear it...ummm..READ it.
    I thought I recognized that little 'bump' under the blanket...the artist formerly known as Stewey...
    Too funny, Coni!

  10. The view from the Happy Chair looks quite inviting, stitching is first rate and the idea of being able to camp out and stitch away a Monday sounds like heaven. Thank you for sharing your day.

  11. ...and every picture was taken from the vantage point of the Stitchy Chair, I presume, Coni?