Oct 8, 2012


lunch with an old friend...reading a library book that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out...a warm sudsy bath for Stewey....a warm sudsy bath for Spinster...grocery shopping with Aunt Chrissy...You've Got Mail on WE teevee (twice)...46 degrees and raining....house colder than a meat locker....turning the fireplace on for the first time....a warm sleepy puppy giving me kisses.....damn good coffee and The New York Times...finishing the freakin' crossword puzzle in less than eighteen hours...naps...looking outside and seeing that the gardens have all been put to bed for the winter...red mums...sleeping in.....the sun on my face, freshly laundered sheets, and a snoring puppy during a long snoozy nap...studio time....picking up a needle again after a month's hiatus....thinking about how wonderful Mom was and wishing she was here for her 79th birthday...more damn good coffee....shirmp cocktail with extra horseradish in the sauce....Sunday dinner in front of the fireplace...listening to Bach on the car radio...looking at all of the gorgeous Fall color....more naps...more coffee...more newspapers...more stitching....more everything

 Turning Leaves
Laura J. Perin Designs

 Halloween Treat
The American Needlepoint Guild

Plum Street Samplers

Autumn Arbor
The Drawn Thread


  1. Perfect, perfect, perfect...off to find some good coffee and stitching - Judy

  2. WOW! I want your weekend. Maybe next month....or the first snowed in weekend. Sounds like heaven.

  3. You had a great weekend! So glad you are feeling better. Mine was busy with the grands, football games and Disney movies. Going to be driving through your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks on my way to visit my family.

  4. Your weekend did sound like bliss! So glad it was an enjoyable one! I'm sure you were happy to get back to stitching after your long hiatus.

  5. What a wonderful weekend!! I am jealous.


  6. Ok, this post has really put me in a cozy autumn mood! You do have a way with words! I'm off to make me a hot cup of Joe now.
    Amy from Oklahoma

  7. I agree with the previous poster - perfect autumn mood.

  8. You write in pictures. I can visualize everything you wrote and it sounds wonderful.

  9. Sounds heavenly. Especially the 49 degrees part!

  10. So glad your health has improved so you could have such a blissful weekend!

  11. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend. Sounds perfect. Love the new fall projects you are going to work on.

  12. Life is good!! I love the extra horseradish :)

  13. WOW! It doesn't get any better than that! :) Cathryn

  14. Something always comes along to make us count our blessings, doesn't it? Nice that you're back in form. I enjoy your blogs and stitching so much.

  15. It sounds like a wonderful weekend Coni! I`m so glad you are feeling better!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  16. Coni,
    Your post is pure poetry!
    I love that you found joy in simple things!
    This is my favourite time of year, and your post was a reminder of all that is good in autumn.
    Continued good health to you.
    Love Turning Leaves. It is on my list.
    Happy Autumn to you and the family.

  17. sounds like a cozy, perfect autumn weekend!

  18. So Happy you are feeling better just got caught up on your blog. I enjoy the blog so much you are so much.

    1. OOPs forgot to finish add FUN to the above comment.