Jul 10, 2012


As long as I live, I will never understand myself.  As I explained to Aunt Chrissy moments ago, I have a keen propensity for fretting over something until I've worked myself right up into a full-on frenzy, and then something snaps and I do the thing that needs to be done.  Typically, the thing that needs to be done takes all of seven minutes, and the end result is that I stand there in front of said thing wondering why I can't just rip the damn band-aid off already.

Case in point...the back patio.  For the last three months I've fretted over the state of affairs out there, and have lamented the fact that it was starting to resemble a Port Authority restroom facility.  For whatever reason, the birds and squirrels and chipmunks decided to party hardy and then leave whatever bodily excretions they thought appropriate all over the place.  It. Was. Disgusting.

But rather than break out the hose and just swish it all away already, I chose to open the drapes each morning and fret over bird poop.

For three months.

I'm happy to report that one good scrubbing later, things are put back to rights again.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Stewey is thrilled that his Mommie Dearest was finally smart enough to figure out how to turn on a garden hose.

I've been stitching the background of the Big Red Sunflower.  In real life, you can't see the bright white wall behind the canvas...I promise.  I'm using a lovely black Silk and Ivory and decided to keep the background very simple so that the specialty stitches of the petals stand out a little more.  For the border, I think I've come up with something really cool, but I want to futz with it a bit before revealing the idea.  And yes, I'm still going to tart this up like a Vegas showgirl with some beads, but that will definitely be last.

What's new with you?


  1. Well Coni, I feel happy to read you are still bordering on total insanity. It gives me a feel better about myself point of view so to speak. I don't know what your readers would do if things in your life settled down. B O R I N G!!!!

  2. Ooo, you and I should share strategies for avoiding 7-minute tasks! It sounds like we're two pros in a pod there! Actually, I just want you to teach me to stitch faster. It'd probably only take you like 7 minutes....

  3. I think we're all guilty of that - amazing how it's easier to turn a blind eye to something and let it irritate you than it is just to tackle it and get it over. I'm particularly good at dodging my reflection in a mirror - it will take more thna a garden hose to fix what's there! Your flower is lovely - so bright and cheery. Colleen

  4. The sunflower piece is going to be GORGEOUS. Looking forward to seeing more. So glad for you and Stewey that the patio view disturbance is behind you. :) Cathryn

  5. That's too funny! Then again, with not getting nearly enough rain up your way lately it's no wonder the deck was looking rough. I'm still in shock over how low the Maumee River is in Northern Ohio (I'm in Michigan for a few days)!!

    Your sunflower is looking divine!

  6. You are not alone in procrastinating, and I too don't know why I do what I do. It usually involves cleaning my apt - which is nine blocks away from the Port Authority (!) bus terminal in NYC - doing my laundry, cooking etc. It takes up space in my head. You are my idol because you share all the organizing, decorating, cooking, cleaning, blogging, stitching etc. BTW, your stitching on this piece is great.

  7. I have been looking at a torn open bag of sunflower seed on my porch for 3 days now... Those squirrel found them!!! lol I just keep looking at it each time I go outside.. Maybe tomorrow I will pick it up, and sweep the porch off. lol
    Love how the Big Bloom is coming along!!!

  8. Coni,
    I was going to leave a comment on the procrastination problem but, I guess I'll do it later. LOL!

    Love the sunflower. I was going to work on mine but.........

  9. Love the pop of red on black!

  10. Having seen a Port Authority restroom several years ago, I think it's a safe bet that your patio did not resemble one! But the analogy made me laugh.....

    Mary Eman

  11. just read a light novel
    a surrey state of affairs
    by ceri radford
    so made me think of you at times
    a very happy read
    lik your blog