Oct 30, 2011


Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. She returns to her STITCHING blog to actually talk about STITCHING. Will wonders never cease?

The borders are now complete on Turning Leaves and it's on to the fun parts of filling in the sections. I think that once I plant myself in the chair and get to it, this will be a lot of fun and will go very quickly:
Stewey reminded me that Trick or Treating Time is just around the corner, and that it might be a good idea to pull something from the ol' stash appropros to all things Halloween. So Into The Night by Shepherd's Bush it 'tis:
(Don't you just love the fact that the sheep is wearing a cape? I mean, come on, if you have to be a sheep, why not accessorize your witch's hat with a jaunty little cape, no?)

I think there's about a day and a half more to go, and then this one will be ready for the framer. If I'm good and don't find too many other things to do today, this one just might be at the top of the pile.

Finally, I will leave you with a pic of Stewey waiting for the fesitivites to begin. He's rather excited about the prospects of examining all of the costumes this year, but I told him that if he so much as THINKS about lifting a leg, there will be h-e-double hockey sticks to pay.
Don't you just love the Fall? Makes me want to send you all bouquets of sharpened pencils....


  1. Sheeps in capes, you find the best projects ... as for fall, being a southern girl, I like my bloggy friends to have it, so I can live vicariously. Me, I'm not so much about cold weather.

  2. ooo a Sheepie!! Perfect - I don't know why I didn't find it for this year's Sheepie Project. Sigh. It looks wonderful and I like the whimsical cape. Looking forward to watching you fill in the blanks on Turning Leaves too.
    Next year's theme will be (sorry Stewie) C-A-T-S !! I know I'll find all sorts of appropriately seasonal charts - Thank you for sharing your wonderful stitching with us all

  3. What a snazzy sheep, its a great design !!! Turning Leaves is also looking good and I can't wait to see you progress with it !!

  4. Stewey is so freaking cute haha. Aww.

    I love that sheep. It's Super Sheep, crime fighter! I'm imagining it now. By day, it grazes. But by night? LOOK OUT BADDIES!

  5. O.K. Stewey: What is your costume going to be I sure think you would look good as a Vampire, a very cute Vampire.
    Moms stitching is looking very nice I love the Shepherds Bush pattern, the Turning Leaves is stunning.
    Happy Halloween

  6. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies....think I will pull it out and watch!

    Both of WIP are looking good... happy halloween!

  7. Stewey's so cute he makes me want a dog...and that's a big deal, since I'm a CAT person!

  8. I am SO glad you have such a strong, brave, watchdog to protect you from all those trick-or-treaters! lol Or perhaps Master Stewey will scare them off with his costume?

  9. Love the SB progress! Very apropo to be stitching Halloween at Halloween!

    Love those fall colors!

  10. Love your stitchy pieces. Love the pic of Stewey. Love your blog. Love the reference to "You've Got Mail." Happy Halloween, Coni! :D Cathryn

  11. love your progress on your first piece .. and sheeepppieeees with cape are so cute ... hope stewey behaves himself and those mums are gorgeous :) love mouse xxxx

  12. Oh I just love "You've Got Mail"...I watch that movie every fall. Bouquets of sharpened pencils! Love your finish on the caped sheep - so cute!