Sep 19, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She is too busy prancing about the house with a leaf wreath on her head, chanting something about "Fall, Fall, it's here!  Let' the Festival of the Fall Futzing begin! Woo Hoo!".

We awoke to a cool and somewhat rainy morning today, which means that the old lady and my Aunt Chrissy will soon have the official disposing of the leg razors and the stubble will begin to grow.  I'm not sure where it's written exactly, but these two somehow think it acceptable to forego the shaving of the legs as soon as the peddle pushers hit the back rack of the closet.  I, for one, am appalled.

We will also have the ceremonial application of the flannel sheets, the concocting of something warm and hearty in the crock pot, and the burning of whatever latest Yankee Candle is on sale that doesn't smell like over ripe summer fruit.

(All in all it's not a bad festival, but I could do without the leaf wreath and the prancing.)

I hope that you had a perfectly swell weekend.  We were doing just fine right up until early yesterday morning, when I decided to upchuck all over the bed and a rather horrified mo-ther.  She was a real trooper, though, and had those sheets and whatnot in the washing machine before you could say Pepto.  The good news is that she has FINALLY come to her senses and realized that I am, after all, a nine pound dog and you simply cannot put eleven pounds of anything into me without some rather unfortunate results.  My Aunt Chrissy took pity on me and loaded the old lady up with a Ziplock full of tiny itty bitty little bones, which are, afterall, what I should be treated with in the first place.  Damn Mommie.

Enjoy your Monday, my dear and faithful friends!  I remain your true and devoted servant,



A note from Mommie (as in Dearest, don't you know): Before y'all write to me and say "Oh, Spinster Stitcher, you really shouldn't be feeding Stewey so many cookies and treats", may I just point out that I do so in order to get a little peace and quiet around here, and that the Cookie Dance/Stomping of the Feet and Showing of the Bunny Teeth Until I Get My Damn Cookies gets a little old after awhile.  Besides, sixteen years of Catholic school has had a rather unfortunate effect on my ability to handle guilt, and there's no way I'm going to look that little creature in his eyes and then not give in to his every whim. So, before you fret, please know that the tiny itty bitty little bones are indeed appropriate and seem to be working, so as soon as I can find a bra I will be heading over to the PetSmart to stock up.


  1. Stewey, I hope you feel better. I'm rather jealous that the fall season is visiting you. It's still hot and humid here. Ugh!

  2. Poor Stewey. I tried using baby carrots as a treat and found out rather quick that dogs can indeed eat too many. :(

  3. Poor baby... hope your belly feels better soon. Good job with the itty bitty little dog bones Aunt Chrissy. I'm sure Stewey will love them. Thats my dogs favorite treat. All you have to do in my house is say Bones..and my 3 freak out!! Had a little of fall here in N. TX but went away. Am waiting for it to come back, but at least got a good soaking last night (rain) finally!!! And Stewey don't dis the crockpot I wait for this time of year. Have a grand day!!!

  4. Get well soon, Stewey. We have all indulged at one time or another and then not felt so great afterwards.

  5. Coni, You make me laugh! I love that you had to find a bra...and that you (like me and many others who won't admit it) don't shave as often during pants weather. Hope you have keep your fall weather! I'd be doing a happy dance, that's for sure. Hope they puppy-dog is better!

  6. Having had 16 years of Catholic school, myself, not to mention CYO and catechism, I can totally relate to the 'guilt' complex. I have a Cocker Spaniel and an Australian Shepherd who will attest to that! The A.S. just upchucked all over the kitchen floor after too many carrots. Sure hope your little pal feels better soon. Good grief, am I the ONLY person NOT looking forward to Fall? I know what follows that!! Wish someone would send some of that yummy Texas weather this way. I've already had the heat on up here.
    Any progress on that stitching get-together, Coni? Seriously, sounds like a grand idea. Would love to meet some of you awesome ladies. And Stewey , too, of course :>) !


  7. Hoping Stewey is back to his old self today. I was still tossing and turning at midnight when our little Abby got up out of our bed and trotted out the bedroom door. That isn't like her so I quick got up and followed her to the family room where she was just getting ready to upchuck on the rug. I dragged her over to the tile area just in time. I give my doggies too many treats too sometimes...just love them so much but their little stomachs are sensitive!

    It's still hot here in Phoenix but we're heading to cool Colorado tomorrow for a few days on non-sweating!

  8. Hey Stewey,

    Ask your mom to get you a medium size Kong. Treats will fit it to them, I use Iams treats. You will have lots of fun getting the treat and your mom will enjoy a few extra minutes. Works for me and both of my little guys.

    Mary Anne

  9. I would pay money to see Stewey do the Cookie Dance.

  10. aww poor stewie hope you are feeling a wee bit better and small treats are much better for you ... have you tried one of those kong balls that you can put them in .. gives you a bit of fun while getting them ?? and a wee bit of peace and quiet for mum ??
    coni why is it I can truly relate to you enjoy the fall.. I am :0 love mouse xxxx

  11. Coni, enjoy pants weather as we are now well and truly enjoying Spring here, in fact the last few day's have been more like Summer.Not looking forward to the heat at all.
    Stewey, M-o-t-h-e-r only gave you so many treats out of love, you didn't have to eat them!
    My Miss Molly usually gobbles her's up, but occasionally hides them in her bed for later.
    Self control Stewey, hide them for later next time M-o-t-h-e-r over indulges you. Hope you are feeling better.

  12. Fall? Is the guest room presentable? I'd love to experience fall again! Still nearly 90 and humid here.

  13. Coni, I so wish I lived close to you. The dog puke, the missing bra, the bargain Yankee all rings true here. It's good to know there are others who experience these things1