Aug 3, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's taken to the bed with a good book, a vat of dietCoke, and all of your lovely comments and cyber hugs for company. Oh behalf of all things Chez Spinster, won't you allow me to send our most heartfelt thank yous for all of your kind words?

At first my stupid mo-ther thought that her feelings of "blech" were the result of this ungodly heat and humidity. Then she suspected that it could be due to an impending stitchy slump. Finally, however, she came to her freakin senses and, after a brisk smack on the forehead, she realized why she wants to go retch into the bidet....

STUPID MO-THER: "Stewey! Mommie has just realized that she's taking the new dosage of one of her pills, and that must be the reason why she is unwell these last few days!"

ME: "Well, well, well. Aren't you just the cleverest Miss Marple? How did you come to that striking conclusion, given the fact that you've got more pills in you than a Walgreens?"

STUPID MO-THER: "Well....I pondered and pondered and pondered (as I am wont to do don't you know) and I realized that I switched to the higher dosage on Sunday morning when I filled up my pill boxes for the week."

ME: "Uh huh..."

STUPID MO-THER: "That, and the fact that your Aunt Chrissy said to me on the telephone the other night..."Are you taking all of your medications?" when I launched into my latest diatribe about something or other and she wondered if they made pills for it."

ME: "Well, that's a good thing, Mommie. Now go back to bed, and I'll alert the public that you're going to live."

STUPID MO-THER: "Night night."

So you see....all of this fuss is due to a 5mg increase in one of the many tiny little pills that the old lady forces down her gullet twice a day. You would think that a mere 5mg would go completely unnoticed, but this is MY mo-ther we're talking about.

We did spend all day up in the studio yesterday (despite the fact that it was approximately 191 degrees up there), and I'm happy to report that after seven and a half hours of futzing not one single thing was accomplished.

Happy Wednesday, folks! I do hope that you are all well and safe and cool and dry and that your needles are doing exactly what you want them to be doing!

With much love from your pal,


  1. Glad to see you're feeling better.

    It is a big deal when your pills get screwed with. I went through months of daily headaches and weight gain the last time my pills were reformulated by the pharmaceutical company. Ugh

  2. Stewey my friend...may I call you friend? I too have experienced the "up the pill dosage" and know it can mess things up a bit...have patience Mo-ther will come around soon. I am sure you are taking good care of things...right!?

  3. Hope you get your dosage issues worked out soon. I know it is miserable to feel unwell especially with the heat going on right now.

    Hugs to you and Stewey

  4. Master Stewey, please convey to Mo-ther my condolences for her feeling lousy...she must rest and be pampered. Please take care of this.

  5. Thank you, Master Stewey for reporting in. I'm hoping she'll be adjusted to the new dosage and bak on her feet soon. And way to go on the futzing!!

  6. Takes a few days, but I'm sure Mo-ther will be up and about soon!

    Keep her comfy.

  7. I can certainly relate to this more times than I wish to remember! Your poor Mo-ther, take very good care of her so that she will be back with us soon.
    Wishing you both cool breezes.

  8. Quit calling your mo-ther stupid, Stewey. She may aggravate you at times but she takes good care of your little whiney butt when you're sick! ..... Oh no. I'm writing to a dog.

  9. Stewey! I hope your mo-ther is feeling better soon, and her body adjusts to the new medicine!! Take good care of her and be a good boy and don't water the drapes while she is recovering and trying to adjust to this new med.

  10. Sorry to hear the Mo-ther is working through a dosage issue. I do have to share that I've been walking around for the past month feeling nausea - and just now realized it's a side effect in a new medication. It only took me a month to read the side effects - double DAH! Your Mo-ther is very smart since it took her a few days. Please wrap your paws around Mo-ther and give her a big hug for me.

  11. Thank god your mo-ther found out that the pill dosage is making her sick. She'll be soon up and running again. Please pamper her a bit until she feels good again

  12. I understand the pill dosage side effects...been there, done that! Now go give mother a big kiss, that`s a good boy...

  13. Hope you feel back to your normal self soon Coni. I prescribe cranking up the A/C, watching some movies in bed, and taking some extra naps with Mr. Stewey. (Nothing like a little hug and a paw from the ones we love.) Maybe you'll have to gradually do the medication increase to get used to it.

    Take care...

  14. Oh Bother! I hope she feels better soon, and tell her I love the idea of bed, diet coke and a good book!

  15. Whooo Hooo You are feeling better!! Drugs can sure mess you up sometimes even though they do some wonderful things other times.

  16. Absolutely love that Stewey was able to write your blog for you today. He did a very good job!! My Rosey still hasn't mastered the keyboard.She would rather sit and watch. I am glad that you were able to figure out it was your meds making you feel poorly. Hope you get back on your feet soon... Stewey.. keep taking good care of your Mo-ther. My Rosey would like to know if you have a girlfriend?