Jul 1, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's off her nut again on some kind of tizzy fitting obsessive compulsive tangent that will probably result in me having to call my Aunt Chrissy for backup before the day is done. God only knows what set her off this time, but I can tell you that it most definitely was NOT me or my propensity for watering the drapes.

(I am watering the dining room chairs these days instead.)

I did want to have a chat about this whole Stars project, though, since the response the old lady has received has been overwhelming. I know that she is blown away by all of your interest and kind words, and if she ever gets her head out of her heiney, I'll make sure that we post some updated pictures of her latest progress.

One thing that you should know, though, is that this infamous thread list that she's been sending to y'all (and that she posted right here on this blog on May 16th) is but a mere suggestion of what's she been using. Each night when she sits down to stitch, she does pull the threads on her list according to what Mr. Minieri says she'll need for a particular block, but I've seen her do a LOT of substituting and switching.

In other words......

Please don't feel like you have to be constrained by her list. Have fun! Pull threads from your stash or go shopping at your LNS for fibers that will blow YOUR skirt right up. I know that Mo-ther has mumbled to herself on more than one occasion (OK, it was more of a whine actually) "But I don't want to use Flair here! I want to use Gentle Art!" and then she sets about using whatever she thinks will look swell at that particular moment.

The only other tip I have for you is that you must pay particular attention to the fact that the sashing can become snagged or rubbed if you're a boob and stitch from the bottom of the project to the top (like you know who has done). I believe that Mr. Minieri tells you to start at the upper left of the piece so that your hand is not coming into constant contact with all of that sashing. This, of course, is because Mr. Minieri knows what's he's doing and should be paid attention to, and my stupid mo-ther should be ignored at all costs. As it is, I know that she's going to have to go back to re-stitch some of her sashing (by sashing, I mean the red borders around the blocks), because she's pilled it all up with her big fat meat hooks.

So that's the report for today. I've got mumus sploshing around in the washing machine and a nice little pitcher of martinis all ready to go! If I'm lucky, my Aunt Chrissy will stop by sometime over the weekend so that I might carry on an intelligent conversation, but I wouldn't blame her if she decided to go to the beach instead.

If you're in this neck of the woods and are so inclined to do so, please have a very safe and happy and wonderful July 4th weekend! We'll see you on the other side with tales of weenies on the grill, I'm sure!

With love from your pal,


  1. Hope you have a very safe 4th! Don't burn your little paws with the sparklers!

  2. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend to you and your mo-ther!

  3. Stewy, you have a wonderful weekend! And tell your Mother to have a happy weekend too!

  4. Oh Stewey -- why don't you get Aunt Chrissy to take you to the beach to watter other people's umbrellas and coolers and leave the obsessive compusive stitcher at home. I bet when you come back (if the drapes and chairs have dried out) she'll be feeling much more herself.

  5. Hope that you and your mum will have a fantastic weekend. How's your back doing Stewey?
    Greetings also to Aunt Chrissie and Bosco.

  6. I love you, Stewey. :) If we didn't have umpteen million uncivilized labradors slobbering all over the place I would offer you a place to stay any time! Please take care. You are very important to all of us, including Mo-ther! Cathryn

  7. Stewey, you are most certainly welcome down South, if you can get Mo-ther to put you on a plane (first class, of course, no luggage hold for you!)

    By the time you get here I should have canvas, scroll-bars, and all the threads needed to stitch my Red White and Blue panel, an obsession I blame your Mo-ther for because she: 1. introduced me to Laura J Perin's work and, 2. caused an overwhelming urge to stitch something with a red, white, and blue color scheme thanks to the photos of her STARS she keeps showing. You could supervise me as I start stitching--I promise to follow Ms. Perin's directions (and yours, too) to the letter...

    So please send me your flight number soon. I promise that appropriate dignitaries and transportation will await your arrival at Ryan Field.

  8. Dear Stewey, sarcasm can be highly entertaining, but you need to work on respect. Have Mo-ther put on some Aretha Franklin for you. Meat hooks? Stupid? I think you need some crate time, young man!

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