Jun 3, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy running around the house hollering "Snacks! I forgot to get suitable snacks for the cocktail hour!".

At precisely 3:47pm yesterday afternoon our house guest arrived. Ms. Muriel Arlene Myrtle Ethel Adeline "Flat Flossie" St. Clair, Her Very Self was unceremoniously dumped on the front porch by the postman. (I can only assume that he was surly because of the heat and humidity, because he is otherwise a very nice fellow.)

Mo-ther brought her into the house, introduced us all around, and then showed her to the guest room for a little rest and refreshment:I was told to "Leave her alone, and don't even think about doing you-know-what on her fancy traveling dress", so I gave her a few good sniffs and then headed to my perch.

Both Mo-ther and Aunt Chrissy are determined to show Ms. St. Clair a good time this weekend, but I'm concerned that, when left to their own devices, the hostesses will not be able to come up with anything suitable for our visitor. I've been clipping articles for weeks about some of the local events that will happen here in Hoosierville, but methinks that the Target is about as far as we can expect these girls to travel.

Updates on Monday, we promise. In the meantime, Mo-ther has asked me to send her most very heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your lovely comments regarding her recent Happy Dance. It really is very pretty in real life, so I'm hoping she gets this one framed and up on the wall soon!

Have a splendid weekend, and if you have house guests, please don't forget the snacks for the cocktail hour!

With love from your pal,

****For more information about the genesis of Flat Grandma and how she came to be visiting my guest room, go to http://www.stitchbitch.blogspot.com/ and read through the posts tagged "Flat Grandma". Or, if you're like me and haven't one damn clue how to do that, look at the posts dated April 22 and April 26.


  1. Please forgive me little Stewey, but I'm having a complete blonde moment here (which happens sadly regularly)
    Muriel WHO arrived to do what?

  2. Yes who is Muriel and why is she visiting?

  3. Stewie - Be nice to Flat Flossie, 'cause she's a Grandma and Grandma's buy good boys presents....!!!!!
    Your Colorado Pals-
    Tilly, Kindra and Simon

  4. hope you guys show her a good time :) want to see where you take her etc and Stewie please don't pee on her ..lol love mouse xxxx

  5. Could Muriel come and visit me? She'd have a riot in Upstate New York at my little farmette. She could meet the critters. And we could get into all sorts of hijinxs!

    Be on your best behavior, Stewey!

  6. Nice to know the Travelling Granny arrived safely. Looking forward to her adventures.

  7. I hope Flat Flossie enjoys her visit. Would she like to come to New Zealand next??? Its winter here but I'm sure I could show her a great time and broaden her horizons!

  8. Ms Muriel Arlene Myrtle Ethel Adeline "Flat Flossie" St. Clair, Her Very Self, looks almost worn out after her trip to your home. How gracious you were to offer her the use of your spare room to rest awhile. Stewey, you make sure Mo-ther does not overtax Ms. Muriel on her stay with you, however I'm sure there will be very many tales on her trip.
    I'm looking forward to following her adventures. If she were to come here to Australia to visit, I'm sure to introduce her to some local wildlife.

  9. I am SO glad you posted the links explaining Flat Grandma...I was trying to figure out why the postman gave her a ride to your house! (And I was very envious that someone had gotten an invitation to Chez Spinster and it wasn`t me!!)

    Have a great weekend!! Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  10. I'm sure that you and Stewey will show Ms. Flossie the best of times! If she would like a little jaunt to Western Pennsylvania, she is welcome at my house.

  11. how fun, can't wait to read about her travels! and how neat to find another blog!