May 23, 2011


This was my progress on Spring Quaker all the way back there at the end of March:
And here it is after about twenty minutes of stitching this weekend:

We had a rather normal weekend here at Chez Spinster. Saturday dawned bright and early in time for Stewey to have a date with his Aunt Chrissy. I'd been kvetching about her lack of bonditude with the little guy all week long, and she finally caved and took him to PetSmart, where she spoiled him rotten with a trunkload full of toys and treats. (Thank you again, Aunt Chrissy. As soon as his stationery arrives from the printer, I'll make sure that YouKnowWho gets a card in the mail to you.)

I'm determined to get the vegetable garden planted this week, so keep me in your prayers. Outside and I don't do well together, and when you combine that fact with the 80 plus degree heat we're supposed to have, I can almost feel the heatstroke coming on. I'll wear a hat. And long sleeves. And sunscreen. And I'll drink lots of fluids. But I'm pretty sure that the seven minutes it's going to take to get these damn plants in the ground is going to kill me.

(See "The time I dug a forty-foot long trench because the mulch guys were coming" as evidence of my outside prowess.)

(I could have been the wife on Green Acres.)

Happy Monday! I hope that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be and that your weather cooperates with whatever it is you want to do.


  1. Spring Quaker is fabulous! I hear you about the great outdoors. I have my hands full walking Grace Kelly in the mornings, and the temperature is around 70... it's the humidity that gets me. You don't want to know what my yard looks like. Drive by pruning anyone?

  2. Love that Spring Quaker! Are the Valdani threads variegated or are they all different colors? What is that thing holding your pattern? Believe it or dont't, I'm still trying to get the hang of q-snaps. Sure, they seem easy enough. . . I looked back to see what the extra-linen-holder-thingies were & will pull out some headbands tonight! I will try not to bombard you, but if we have questions, is this the best place or to your e-mail? Such as, do you use a stand thingy to hold the q-snap frame? Have you ever been interested in Chatelaine Designs or Papillon Castles in the Air? I'm trying both. The Chatelaine introduced me to stitches other than plain cross stitch for the first time, haven't started Castles, but it has lots of non-cross stitches. Still loving your blog, thanks for entertaining us!

  3. Love, love, love Spring Quaker. My friend Lynn is working on that one and I have seen it up close. It is stunning!
    Hope you outdoor adventure is short and sweet.

  4. Love the Spring quaker piece! The colors are so pretty.

    I too, am not a big fan of working outside... We did get our vegetable garden planted..

    Good luck with yours.

  5. 20 minutes? Seriously? I must be the slowest cross stitcher in the world.

  6. What are you using to hold your extra fabric rolled up? I've been using the hair clip thingies, but what you have there looks like it keeps the fabric neater!
    The Quaker Piece is looking great!

  7. Geeze, what you did in 15 minutes would have taken me hours. Instead of calling myself slower than molasses going uphill during a Hoosier winter, I say I am savoring each and every stitch. (grin) I really love it. I just finished Magic Garden Sampler by Theresa Venette of Shakespear's Peddler
    It sure is pretty in person.
    Pamela in Tucson, AZ where it is heating up.