Apr 4, 2011


I seem to be walking around into things today. I think it has to do with the fact that the weather peoples here in Hoosierville jumped up and down last night with warnings of a certain apocalypse that was headed our way in the middle of the night, but rather than just going to bed and not thinking about it, I found myself jumping up every ten minutes to see if the bar-be-que grill cover had blown into the next county. Sheesh.

Aunt Chrissy lost someone very special to her quite suddenly on Friday morning, and despite my best efforts, I'm afraid that I have done nothing soothing or comforting or reassuring whatsoever. Instead, I yelled at her for not barging over to the widower sooner, and then I drug her all over Hell's Halfacre looking for spring-like decorations for my dining room table.

(What can I say? I just positively suck as a big sister, and I'm even worse as the matriarch of our stupid little family.)

(Methinks it's time to return my badge and secret decoder ring.)

There has been a little bit of stitching on this and that, but not enough progress to show. I swear that I'll have some updated (and predictably craptastic) photos for you soon, but that will involve a reappearance of the sun, and that's not likely in this particular lifetime it would seem.

Stewey sends his very finest regards and promises that he will make sure to hold down the fort while I am in Headinheineyville. He seems rather peeved at the overall lack of routine around here, but it is, after all, me we're talking about.

Woo Hoo, Monday. How did you get here already?


  1. Hugs to Aunt Chrissy and stop being so hard on yourself. Tell Stewey to give her a hug too, please.

  2. Tell Chrissy we are sorry to hear of her loss.

    Maybe you brought her some distraction - don't worry about it though.

    Hugs to Stewey!

  3. Oh, Coni, stop beating yourself up! Aunt Chrissy loves you and treasures everything about you! Condolences to her.

  4. I'm sorry for Aunt Chrissy's loss. I think just going about behaving normally is often a comfort.

  5. So sorry for Chrissie's loss.

    That being said, YOU ARE A GREAT OLDER SISTER, and don't you forget that. Wish you were mine!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your fantastic stitching soon.

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  7. I`m sorry for Chrissy`s loss...but i`m sure she appreciates your efforts to distract her. Tell Stewey how lucky he is to have you for his mo-ther. Kisses to him...

  8. i just discovered your blog today while blog-hopping. You're a hoot! I'll be back.