Feb 8, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. I've revoked her computer privileges and sent her to her room to think about how she might get herself in line with the new order around here. You see, there's a new sheriff in town, and this particular sheriff isn't going to put up with the present state of the union much longer.

I give you Exhibit A:

See how nicely my toys are put away? See how they're all neatly contained in their basket? See how I've taken the time to carefully place them in a proper place for safekeeping so that when I decide to play with them again they'll all be in one place?

Now let's take a look at Exhibit B: Can you believe this mess?! Have you ever seen such a disgusting display of disregard for tidiness? What the heck is she thinking with this filthitude sprawled out all over the damn place?

Mom read that today is the Festival of the Broken Needles, so she decided to make a needle case. My Aunt Chrissy gave Mom a kit for Christmas, so at about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the big fat fanny got planted in the chair and after a lot of cursing and computer YouTube viewing and guessing and futzing, Mom managed to make this colossal mess and put some parts of the needlebook together.

She has it in her head that hand applique is going to be her next "thing", but after inspecting the results, methinks she better stick with stitching. Either that, or she's going to have to find somebody to teach her how to do it properly, the way my Aunt Chrissy so patiently showed her how to put thread to needle and then needle to linen.

If you've never heard of the Festival of Broken Needles before, check out Miss Susan's blog. (I have to warn you, though. Once you've gone there your eyes will weep with yearning because of the complete brilliance that is Miss Susan and her work):http://plays-with-needles.blogspot.com/

As for me, I'm off to the perch for a little snooze in the sunshine while I've got a little peace and quiet around here. (Don't worry....I'll let the old lady out of her time out in time for her to clean up the mess and make a little something special for dinner.)

Have a Happy Tuesday!

With love from your pal,


  1. Stewey--What are you complaining about????
    I see threads neatly sorted by color and project; I see canvases mounted carefully and piled neatly; I see tools together on the left side of the picture; I see plastic tubs clearly showing their contents and stacked so that they can be easily reached.
    Mom's toys are as nicely organized as your toys are, so, Master Sheriff Stewey, holster your Colt 45 and back away from the corral lest she withhold food and lovin!

  2. Stewey, I usually agree with all you say, but in this case, I MUST disagree! Don't you know that a totally uncluttered (read neat as a pin here) area is the result of a strictly structured NON-CREATIVE MIND! Surely you don't want you Mo-ther to fall into such a category!

    Chill out baby-cakes, and allow the creativity (and messiness that may accompany it) to gently wash over you and your domain. Mo-ther is hardly a candidate for any of those clutter-based programs on TV. (My DH calls them "Throw out the Garbage").

    Love you..........

  3. Stewey, your posts NEVER fail to make me laugh, and this one is certainly no exception. However, maybe you should cut Mo-ther a break? I know some people thrive on what they call "creative chaos." Maybe that is what Mo-ther's table is?

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  5. Sometimes a mess is made. That's just life. You don't need a dumpster for the mess so it isn't all that bad.
    Thanks for the link on the Festival of broken needles. Cool.

  6. Now,Stewey. Mo-ther's playbox isn't that messy at all. And you've got to hand it to her -- she sure tackles difficult projects and sees them through to the end, with spectacular results! I have been in the dreaming-of-being-able-to-applique-some-day stage for years, and your Mo-ther has jumped right in! Good for her!!! So if she makes a little bit of a mess in the process, just make sure she cleans it up by dinner time and all will be well!!! Remember: Chaos is a sign of genius, or something like that! :)

  7. ALso check out the write-up on the Broken Needles day at


  8. Stewey,

    When you happen to sit your wiggly little butt on a lost needle then we can talk about a time out for your Mo-ther's mess.

    Until then, go call your 1-900-Perky Doggie Goodtime Dateline while your Mo-ther explores another stitching world.

  9. Dear Stewey,

    First of all, I think that workspace is pretty neat...you should come visit my house. I'm afraid you would get very critical...it makes your house look like a museum...

    But thanks for saying all those nice things about me and my blog. Plus, please let Coni know that it looks like we are both making needlebooks today. I really like hers!

    Chat again soon!

  10. Stewey, your standards are WAY too high! That's not even untidy, let alone a mess! If you want to see a REAL mess, you should come to my house. Oh wait - maybe not... :)

  11. Deborah says:

    Now, Stewey, it really is pretty tidy, though I have to say if it's on the dining room table, it should probably all be put away before the next meal.

    We would not want to get spaghetti sauce all over the latest project, would we.

    Thank you so much for the link to the Needle Book blog. I couldn't leave a comment there, but I will here. The book was just beautiful. As inspirational as your Mo-ther's work is....and that's saying something!

  12. Dear Stewey- We here at Chez Moose totally agree with you! How many times have you heard, "Just five more minutes, and I'll get your dinners...??" Or, "Don't sit there... those are my new threads!!" We mean really - we'd get our own dinners, if we had opposable thumbs (and were allowed to use the can opener!)
    Keep telling the truth, Brother!
    Tilly, Kindra, and Simon, The Wonder Dogs!

  13. Dear Stewey: Hmmmmm. Have you been raiding MY toy basket? I have that same hamburger toy (one of my favs... I used to have TWO, but a rather rude dog friend dismembered Hamburger #1 right before my disbeliving eyes. I was shocked I tell you - shocked - but too much of a proper hostess to snatch it away!) But I digress.... I also have the same donut toy (mine is pink -- being a GIRL, don't you know, although I've played fetch with it so much the pink frosting has pretty much disappeared). Anyway, I'm a great fan of yours and always enjoy your toy pics. Keep 'em coming, Stewey!