Jan 24, 2011


For some goofy reason I can't get that intro out of my head. I think it's from Dinner: Impossible (and yes, I know it's probably from something else too), but all I can hear is that phrase....over and over and over again.

Speaking of my boyfriend, Robert Irvine...I'm going to tell you something that will totally shock you now. Be prepared.


No, seriously. Are you really ready?

I taped his new show Restaurant: Impossible and started to watch it over the weekend. About ten minutes into it....get ready for the shock now.....I turned it off!

Y'all know how I love me some Chef Robert Irvine, and y'all know that I am always up for some hunky man-watching any time of the day, but I actually found myself sitting there getting disappointed with my beloved! Disappointed! Even watching his gun show wasn't enough to stun me senseless....what the heck is up with THAT?!

Truth is, I turned it off because Robert is shamefully trying to execute my other beloved's Kitchen Nightmares, and, in my very humble opinion, he's missed the mark entirely. (Oh, my other beloved would be Gordon Ramsey.) (And let's not forget yet another beloved, Anthony Bourdain.) (Oh, wait! Then there's Eric Ripert!) (And.....I can't remember his name! Damnit! The really hunky cute guy that also happens to be a chef! But hunky with an edge...know what I mean?)

Robert...all I want from you is to peer into your baby blues and watch you cook something. And I want you to coo gently to me over the proper way to turn out a folded omelet, or how it's very important not to chop anything while trying to fix your lipstick because God knows the hunky TeeVee chef might be able to see you standing in your kitchen showing off your knife skills for him, even though he's not actually in your kitchen, but rather somewhere in TeeVee Food Land shooting the next episode of a show that you will watch incessantly until your dog makes you delete it from the dvr thingie so that there's room for him to record the latest installment of Masterpiece Theater. Damn dog.

Oh, sorry. Wandered away for a bit on that one, didn't I? Let's chalk it up to antibiotic poisoning and move right along, shall we?

(Besides, I read a comment once from a lady that said she hated my writing style because it was just...too...much, so every now and then I have to go right over the very edge or I risk disappointing her. Also, I might calm down enough that she might decide to come back and read my drivel. So there.)

I finished the stitching on Laura J. Perin's Color Study: One Long Panel, so now it's time to attach the beads. I just can't say enough about the fun I had stitching this one. So much so that I'm thinking about doing it again in a different colorway! Wouldn't this be a gorgeous Christmas piece? Stay tuned.

Next up is Snowflake Serenade by Country Cottage Needleworks. As you can see, I made some pretty good progress while watching a Royal Pains marathon that I had taped on the dvr thingie and had to watch because Stewey wanted me to.....(see above for explanation as to who really controls the recording devices around here.)
And last, but certainly NOT least, is the cyber class that Aunt Chrissy and I are taking from Ms. Laura J. Perin. This one is called Corsage, and I'm afraid that I'm a little behind the rest of the class. We were supposed to start it a week ago Sunday, but I just wasn't quite ready yet. So methinks today will be spent enjoying this one while I get caught up to the rest of the class.
I'm doing mine in the "orange" colorway, and I think I'm going to stitch the center flower using an alternate chart that Laura provides that is closer to a dogwood. As you might have guessed from reading this here blog...I am simply crazy for these flower collages from Ms. P, so the fact that I will have one completed so early in the year has me pulling on the pantyhose for the happy dance already!

I'll leave you with a very warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your kind get well wishes. Apparently, they worked, because I am actually able to sit upright for more than ten minutes at a time today without teeter-tottering to the floor in a messy heap. What can I say about all of my stitchy friends? You all just ROCK my silly little world. MWA!


  1. WHAT!!!! Some lady doesn't like your writing style!!!! My group of stitching buddies up here in Kelowna, BC, Canada luv you & Stewey too. We get together every Thurs and nearly always someone says "did you read what the Spinster had to say?" Please do not change - we luv you just as you are.

  2. You keep on being your over the top self....and keep on doing that beautiful stitching, too!

  3. I love your writing style!! Please don't change.

    Has Stewey been watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theater? Seems like something he would really enjoy.

  4. Coni, so glad you are feeling better. I love both of your new starts.

  5. One Long Panel is GORGEOUS!! I would definately do it again...the colours of LJPs Jewel Box maybe?

    You have been very productive during your illness...when i`m sick I can`t concentrate enough to stitch! Love your new WIPs!

    Kisses to Stewey...

  6. You ramble on the way I do in my head. I love your writing style.

  7. The long panel is just gorgeous. . . and you've already begun AND finished a project THIS YEAR? If I weren't laughing so hard at your posts, I'd probably hate you! (VBG)

  8. Dear Spinster Stitcher, I love your blog and read it every morning! Don't change a thing.

    shelley reynolds
    Mahtomedi Minnesota

  9. Well, I think that's the only negative comment you're going to get about your writing style. I love reading what you write. I can't tell you how many times it's put a smile on my otherwise grumpy face.

    Love your piece as usual and I think it would look fab in Christmas colors. I'll stay tuned!!

  10. Ya know, I realize that people are entitled to have an opinion...but, she just doesn't have a taste for the finer things in art, life, and literature!! LOL! I (and MANY others) happen to love your writing style and would be so sad if you changed a single thing!!

    Loving the finish and WIPs...you are keeping busy, aren't you??

    Oh, just so you know...you have me addicted to "The Tudors" now...you are a very bad influence, LOL! THANK YOU!!!! :) I had to move all the seasons to the top of my Netflix list.

    Glad you are on the mend too! I hate being sick, don't you??!!

    Happy Stitchin'

  11. We watched RI because we also like Chef Robert... and we managed to make it through the whole show. I kept thinking, "it's gotta get better!". Wherever did he get those awful designers?? The place looked SO amateurish when finished! I'm planning to watch again because, "it's gotta get better"!! LOL

  12. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Your writing makes my day and I rush through the weekends to get to your Monday post. You are a genius and your little dog too!

  13. Helllooo glad you are feeling better and pleaseeeee do not change how you write .. I love reading your blog and often splutter my tea at the screen heheheheh .... ps it the other hunk James Martin by any chance ???? love mouse xxxxxx

  14. Glad you're feeling better!

    Over the top? Where?!

  15. Glad you are feeling better. Love the long panel.

    I too am stitching Corsage in the orange colorway. You are three boxes ahead of me, but I need to do some catching up tomorrow.

    Tickle Stewey for me -- I don't have a warm puppy.

  16. Hi Coni--
    I'm trying a completely different colorway for Corsage to try to match a chair...
    We'll see how THAT turns out!
    Glad you're feeling better ;-)

  17. Please don't give that silly woman another thought, I love your blogging style, and look forward to your postings(key word here is your).
    Love your color study and I had the same feeling when I finished mine, I will be stitching it again but in chocolates and pinks.

  18. All of your work is gorgeous and your writing is very entertaining.

    Love the colour study and your snow design is looking perfect already.

    Enjoy your latest projects.

  19. Color Study is so darn pretty that I think if I ever saw it in person I would just stare, transfixed, until someone (men in little white coats?) dragged me away.

    Snowflake Serenade is awfully cute. How good of Stewie to let you watch his show with him!

    I love Dogwoods....can't wait to see this LJP take shape!

    And I actually get depressed if your posts are a little on the short & sweet side....

  20. Coni, I have to say that your blog always gives me a smile and a chuckle. Just seeing that you've written something for the day on my Google Reader makes me smile. I know I'm in for a treat. I have to say that I enjoyed your story in the "Needlepoint Now" magazine and was not surprised to see that a magazine would print your story. Your style reminds me of Erma Bombeck. (Not afraid to make fun of yourself) I love Laura Perin too. What do you do with your pattern book after you have completed it?
    Kent Washington

  21. I'm even further behind on Corsage than you are! I started on brown canvas--all my LNS had--but decided to change to the green which I had to order from an ONS. It arrived, but I haven't had a chance to re-start.

    I'm using the orange colorway also, but I'm going to stitch the rose center using one of the peach colored threads (or perhaps a 3rd shade of peach if I can find one) in order to make the rose look more like the Tropicana orange roses my mother used to grow.

    Thanks to you I have a whole new stitching obsession--Laura J Perin!

  22. How impudent! If someone doesn't like your writing style, they should just not read it; how unnecessary to tell you...

    As always your stitching is a delight. I'm glad you feel better.

    Ha. I just got the best word verification ever: ortings

  23. Do you ever watch the Worst Cooks in America? Chef Robert is the head of the blue team on that show.

  24. Hope you are feeling better. Everyone in my house loves your writing style as well as Stewey's

  25. Coni, Nice job on One Long Panel, you stitched that up in short order! It has taken me days just to put together a few colorways from my stash, ugh, I should have just bit the bullet and ordered everything. Sometimes..... I am anxious to see what other colorway you put together. Feel better.