Jan 12, 2011


I quit watching the news several months ago in an attempt to stop the whack-a-do conversations I was having with no one in particular about the state of the world and the size of the handbasket we're in, but the recent shooting in Tuscon has been pretty hard to ignore.

(Now please understand that you will have better luck getting details of my last colonoscopy out of me than you will a discussion about politics or religion or sex or money, so if you've come here looking for my opinion about anything related to those subjects, you're out of luck today.)

(But stick around. Who knows what the hell will get in my craw tomorrow or the next day.)

(I am, if nothing else, completely unpredictable in this regard.)

So as I puttered about the house this morning I made the mistake of turning on the TeeVee, and I witnessed two people screaming invectives at one another regarding the level of invective screaming that's going on in this whacky little country of ours. The conversation started out cordially enough, but within fifteen seconds it devolved into a ranting mess of spewing hatred and idocy that made me run for the stitchy basket.

i-ro-ny (i're ne, i er ne) n., pl. -nies {Gr eiron, dissembler in speech} 1 expression in which the intended meaning of the words is the direct opposite of their usual sense 2 an event or result that is the opposite of what is expected

Progress continues on Snowflake Serenade. I feel like I got a fair amount of it stitched last night while watching An Angel At My Table, which is one of my very favorite movies of all time. (I had totally forgotten about it, but there it was on my DVR thingie, just waiting to be watched.)

I finished up the white portion of the snowman and then Stewey and I called it a night.

Today is a little snowy and rather grey, but we're going to take advantage of that by hitting the Happy Chair with Martha's latest issue (which has an ice cream sundae on the cover that makes me want to run right out to buy ice cream), and then some stitching. There will, however, under no circumstances, be any TeeVee news viewed. I promise.


  1. I don't watch the news either. See Vonna's (The Twisted Stitcher's) latest post about ugliness. That news show fits that bill. Great progress on Snowflake!! I hope you and Stewey are staying warm.

  2. I try to avoid the news, too. It depresses me for hours afterward.

    Snowflake Serenade (what a lovely, peaceful name!) is coming along nicely.

    We're getting hit with snow here, too, so I say let's turn our tee vee's to something happy and stitch away!

  3. Well I tell you if you watch too much of the news it will suck all the joy out of life. I am a political junkie but there are times when one wants to run up and down the streets with a megaphone screaming. When I get that urge I turn it off and head for the nearest closet with my stitching and a flashlight. I don't come out until my girlz are pawing at the door and shining to be fed. Believe me in 53 years of living I think this is the worst I have ever seen. Wanna join me in the closet?

  4. We don't have cable, or a dish, so it's relatively easy to avoid the ugliness. Except when I'm working--since political research is my profession!

    On a happier note, thanks Coni for posting about Laura J. Perin's cyber class--she let me sign up (late) and I am looking forward to a great experience.

    Or maybe it's Master Stewie who posted...I forget!

  5. I just love the snowflake serenade :)I think that might be a "must get" :) hope stewie is behaving him self :0 I just love his pictures :)
    come over here and share my craft room no teevee at all :) love mouse xxxx

  6. Disclaimer: I'm not a stalker... Just a lurker. I think that is better...

    I'm only watching the news because we are covered in snow which is making my dog (Biscuit who chews on carpet) nuts. Hopefully, Stewie is behaving himself and leaving the curtains alone!

  7. As an Arizonian, right now, it is hard to avoid the news...but, I do turn off the TV adn refold the newpaper and go to my stitching.
    Your Snowflake is looking beautiful...how is Stewey doing? He is quiet today?

  8. I'm with you. I don't watch anymore news programs. It's fruitless and upsetting. :( Snowflake Serenade, however, is looking LOVELY! :) Cathryn

  9. Snowflake Serenade fits the local weather in the Big Apple today...not as much as was threatened, but enough to be both pretty (in Central Park) and a mess (on the streets).

    Just got my LJP "Corsage" in the mail -- need to finish Froth and Bubble, and then watch out for this one.

  10. Coni - It's very difficult to avoid when you are living in the middle of it. My heart is broken and I'm very confused. So very, very sad. Anyway, I'm trying to keep stitching. For once it doesn't seem to be helping. I do love Snowflake Serenade. I may just have to go out and get that one.
    (living in Tucson, AZ)

  11. SS is just LOVELY Coni! I especially like the snowman and the two birds at the bottom. Can't wait to see more progress.

  12. Your observation (two people screaming invectives at one another regarding the level of invective screaming ) is dead on. You may be the only one making sense of this mess.

  13. I agree with you on the news. I don't watch it either. I watch the really important stuff though like the Housewives of Beverly Hills !! 'nuff said !! LOL

  14. Like you I rarely watch the news. I am usually too late getting home and go to bed before the 11 pm news. Plus it is too depressing. I scan the headlines on the news papers of those reading them on the train and the headlines online and that is bad enough for me.

    Love your progress on Snowflake!

    Staying inside and stitching sounds good to me except I ended up spending 4 hours shoveling out from the 18 inches of snow. :(

  15. Nothing like a Snowman in a winter with snow 0}

  16. Couldn't agree more. Right you are.
    Beautiful stitching.

  17. That is beautiful stitching, it looks so delicate.

  18. We get the NBC Nightly News and a few CNN shows live, but the only channel that we get directly from the US, completely live as you are watching it back in the US, is Fox News. I can take it in increments... it is SO obviously unfair and unbalanced that it makes me cringe. I do agree with some of the stuff but others--no--and I don't like somebody giving me their opinions with the news. As for the Irish news--who needs to hear about just how terrible the economy is in the country that I chose to move to? Yeah, no thanks, I'll stick to Judge Judy even if I'm paying the government for a TV license so they can air reruns of the Judge. Life is SO not fair sometimes.

    Great progress on Snowflake! Perfect for weather where you just want to hunker down and stitch.

  19. Snowflake is looking gorgeous!

    I will confess to being a total news junkie and follower of politics. I like knowing what is going on... but I must say that I have 'turned off' more often lately. It is hard not to be totally despondent... and not to be irritated at how people who simply disagree choose to treat each other. I am not the warm and fuzziest person on the planet and even I can be civil with most people. Some days I just take a deep breath and unplug!