Jan 31, 2011


I don't know what the heck is wrong with me today. I've been walking around the house with a dietCoke in my hand pretending to be Dean Martin. If I had a ciggie and a microphone, I'd be all set to become a lounge singer.

Oh, wait.

I don't smoke and I can't sing.

Oh well, at least I've got my stitching.

(But first...did you know that the bevvie in Dean's glass was usually iced tea or apple juice and that he very rarely drank alcohol despite his demeanor as a happy party guy? I saw an interview with his daughter in which she said that her father was always worried that his RatPack buddies would figure out that he wasn't much of a drinker and that they would tease him, so he learned how to act a little tipsy to keep 'em from giving him a hard time.)

(Don't you love that about him?)

(And by the way, what ever happened to that type of guy? Do we really expect Mr. George Clooney to carry on that suave tradition all by himself?)

I pulled out my Orna Willis cyber class piece called Cirque de Fleur and worked on it diligently over the weekend. It took me a few minutes to get back into the grove of doing the Jessica stitch, but eventually all was well and I was off to the races:

From what Aunt Chrissy tells me, we are expected to get about a foot of snow, so I suppose that means I have to make an emergency run to the Martin's for sustenance. Forget the fact that I have enough food in this house to feed a small army....if I don't go buy milk and bread and an extra can of something for the pantry I'll panic for the next week and a half (and nobody needs to see that).

How's your week going so far?


  1. Love your stitching!!!

    I agree and am just like you about provisions during a weather change! :) One thing, make sure Mr. Stewey has plenty of his provisions! Most important.

  2. Cirque de Fleur is beautiful, lovely stitching. Stay in and stay warm. Give Stewey a hug for me.

  3. that is gorgoeus!

  4. OOOOO that is lovely ... hope you manage to get your goodies in and something extra for stewie :) love mouse xxxx

  5. We're supposed to get about an inch of ice from that same storm. Ick!

    Love your Cirque de Fleur! Nice stitching and the colors are great.

  6. Gotta keep the provisions in for the fur babies! I`m always afraid our cats will eat us if we run out of their food...

    Kisses to Stewey


  7. That is a beautiful piece. I love to see all the new and old items you are stitching on. I understand about the grocery thing, even though I live where it snows more days than not I still think about a grocery run every time it starts. Have a Great day.

  8. Martin's. . .I miss Martin's "0{

    we have Wegmans.... supposedly one of the top 10 places in the US to work , but I MISS MARTIN'S.

    Everytime you mention them I get homesick for their deli and bakery:0{

  9. I love those colors and those stitches!!! Go get your supplies and hunker down for the snow !! We still have temp's in the 60's today in Bama !!! You and Stewey stay warm !!

  10. Waiting for the snow here in the Apple too. Orna's piece looks great.

    Don't forget to clear off a little place for the Stew-Meister or the drapes will get really wet!

    Stay cozy and we'll all have a stitch-in in the snow!

  11. I knew that about Dean...I loved his show.
    I also love your beautiful Cirque piece...I do not miss the running for bread and milk thing...although some out here think if we are getting rain they need to get supplies!
    What supplies does Stewey require for storms????

  12. Love that stitching. Hope you have enough dog food.

    It rained in Tucson today, so the world maybe ending.

  13. Love Dean Martin! Love George Clooney! Sigh...

    Cirque de Fleur is an exotically beautiful piece of stitchery. Wow. You find the most amazing projects.

    We in the NE are expecting another foot of snow, too. I am well and truly sick of it. I like Edy's idea of having a "group" stitch-in! But I'm going to close my drapes and pretend it's not snowing!!!

  14. Connie,
    you are such an enabler...I'm in love with your Cirque du Fleur... your stitches are impeccable! Enjoy your stitch-in. Stay warm and safe, I'll do the same. I want Spring!

  15. Your piece is gorgeous - love those colours and your work is so neat.
    Enjoy your snowy stitchy time.

  16. Your piece is gorgeous - love those colours and your work is so neat.
    Enjoy your snowy stitchy time.

  17. OH MY....your Cirque de Fleur is absolutely stunning!!!

    Yes I am one of those that run to the store for that one extra can of Hormel Chipotle Chicken Chili. I also tend to get an extra dozen of eggs even though I have enough to provide for us and the neighbors through the length of the storm!

  18. Your stitching is lovely to behold.
    as far as the weather goes, Hope you are also prepared for a possible power outage, since they are talking about ice too.
    You and Stewy stay warm and safe!

  19. They keep telling us we are going to have 'weather episodes' and I have a full pantry... but nothing gets cancelled so I still have to drive everyone around. I think right now a little staying put would be great, with the one proviso that we don't lose power again. So, lucky you with your Shoo Bee Doo Bee Doo and your Diet coke. Get lots of stitching done for those of us who will be too busy sliding around.

  20. It has been 50 degrees and sunny here today. I grew up in northern Indiana, but have long since moved on to more moderate climes. I do love your reminders about what I am missing (or not as the case may be). Hope you manage to restock your pantry before the next snowfall. The stitching by the way is lovely.

  21. Deborah says:

    That is so incredibly beautiful! The colors and the stitching are just exquisite.

    You know, Coni, sometimes I think that it might be interesting to take up needlework (other than quilting, that is) because your projects are just inspirational.

    Then I think, "Wait. I don't have to do that. I can just go to Spinster Stitcher and revel in her glorious stitches! So much easier and faster!."

    I'm not a total slug. I just get overwhelmed by too many options. So, I'll stick to quilting and perfume making.

    Enjoy your stitchy time with the snow outside!