Dec 6, 2010


Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and I ha-rumphed my way around the house in anticipation of an all day TeeVee session over at Aunt Chrissy's. Just as the day was about to go sideways on me, a gift arrived from a dear stitchy friend (thanks again, Mr. E!) and I was off and running.

That big-a** TeeVee is EXACTLY what they said it would be, and I sat in Aunt Chrissy's living room for a full nine hours and seventeen minutes with my mouth hanging open and the drool a-flowing as we watched movies and such and I gawped my way into a full-blown headache. We both laughed as we suddenly noticed things in movies that we had never seen faces! and colors! and actual real live scenery!

Who knew that our old TeeVees were so bad?

Now I just need to exercise some serious pocketbook restraint and not run right out to the Best Buys and get one for my very self. (I've decided to try a little patient financial planning this time rather than the "Oh, go buy it now and think about it later" philosophy that's gotten me through life thus far.) We'll see how long THIS lasts, especially since Stewey has decided to spend the morning on the telephone with his little cousin, demanding that every detail of the wardrobe choices of the ladies of The View be explained to him in exquisite detail. So far, there's been a lot of disappointment on this end, since all Bosco seems to be able to come up with is "shirt" and "shoes" and not one bit of other fashionista detail.

I finished the background on the Funky Santa. Before I forget...I had a question as to the designer. The canvas comes from Maggie and Co. and the actual designer is Mr. Frank Bielec His Very Self. Don't know who he is? Well, he's the lovely gentleman on that home designing show where neighbors trade places with one another and then wreck all kinds of havoc on one another's domiciles. (He's the one with the glasses). And yup, he is a needlework designer too! Don't you just love that?!

So here's how the background looks from a close-up perspective:
I really struggled with those circular areas, but Aunt Chrissy assures me that my choices look fine. At first I thought about affixing crystals (thanks for the kind offer to loan me your thingie, Miss Jane), but somehow I came up with a Fyre Werks/DMC memory thread concoction that I think looks kind of cool. What say you?

As for last evening's stitching, I started on the beard and immediately thought bargello:
Why bargello, I have absolutely no idea, but I'm thinking that the moustache will be stitched in Fuzzy Stuff or Whisper so that it stands apart from the beard. How the heck I'm going to capture that squiggly outline is beyond me, but I've got some grey Very Velvet and I'm not afraid to use it.

We're still under a heavy snow advisory here, so that means that Stewey and I will tuck into the blankets early this afternoon and I'll have to think about clearing him a little path on the back patio for him to consider before stepping out for a potty visit. I think we were supposed to get several feet of snow, but so far, only a few inches have fallen. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

I hope that your week is off to a roaring start!


  1. You really have a lot done on the Santa!

  2. Love what you've done with the Santa so far.

    My first thought when I saw the mustache was "Oh, this needs boucle." Surf on over to the Edmar website and check out boucle there (it's a Brazilian embroidery thread), or get thee down to the nearest good knitting shop and see what they have.

    Whatever you do, he's going to be really cute.

    Carol S.

  3. Oh my goodness that Santa of yours is BRILLIANT!!! Love him! Can't wait to see his fluffy mustache.
    It's been snowing here all day but nothing to show for it so far. It doesn't stick in these heeere parts. (usually)

    Aw heck....go out an getcha one of those tee-vee's!

  4. The background looks fabulous! Watching that big screen tv obvious inspires you. You don't need any hotfix tool to do a great job obviously.

    Those tvs will go on sale big time from now until the Superbowl so start looking now and watch for sales.

  5. Are you kidding me??? Are you the same Coni who was afraid to plug in ONE STITCH without an Official Stitchy Guide??? Look at you GO, girl!!! I love what you've done so far and I love the ideas you have for Santa's moustache. I don't know how you did the circlee-things but they look fantastic! Looking forward to seeing this one come to life. I think you (and Stewey) deserve a Big Tee Vee!!!

  6. Get out~~~~!! Frank is a needlework designer????????That is MEGA cool!! I LOVE watching him so now I will hold him in highest esteem..That rascal....such talent.. Your Mr. is coming along very smartly I might add...Now, I must go Google Frank~!

  7. Oh your Santa is looking GREAT! I love the circle thingies!!

    Frank is the designer for Mosey n Me! He and his wife have done cross stitch designs for years! Fun couple!!

  8. I forgot to say...Best Buy has lovely financing plans with NO INTEREST! We got our TeeVee on the 3 years same as cash program (but we calculated how much to pay per month to pay it off in one year).

  9. Santa looks absolutely amazing!

  10. I love your Santa. Stay warm and cozy!!!!

  11. Your Santa is looking awesome Coni!! And too funny about the T.V.!! :)

  12. Thanks a ton! I appreciate it and your santa looks wonderful!

  13. I love Frank too ! Mosey N Me Designs!!! All his Santa designs remind me of him !! LOL Your Santa is looking great !

  14. Looks awesome thus far, Coni - can't wait to see the final piece (which will be done soon if you get snowed in - right)!

  15. Actually, the Santa kind of looks like a self portrait of Frank!

    The stitching so far is inspiring.

    Keep the white stuff up north - we have to fly out of EVV on Thurs...I'll wave as we fly over.

  16. Coni,
    Love your blog! Have been reading for a year or so and this is my first time to comment.
    The ladies on have discovered you and you are all the rage on a thread going on over there! Check it out if you get a chance.
    What kind of TeeVee did Aunt Chrissy get? We are in the market. Dear Hubby wanted to call into QVC on Sunday night and buy the SIXTY INCH monster they were selling. Thank God, he felt too guilty knowing one wall of the living room would be covered with that thing!
    Keep on churning out the news...I love coming to your little part of the universe!
    Merry Christmas!