Nov 10, 2010


I see that Stewey has been filling y'all in on my recent tizzy fitting here at Chez Spinster. I really need to be more diligent about monitoring his computer usage. Before I know it, he's going to create a FaceBook account and then start the Twittering under the auspices of

Rusty has me futzing and futzing. I started filling in his jeans last night and ran into a quandary when I got to the bottom of them. As you can see in the completed picture, he's standing behind the pumpkins, which means the jeans kind of melt right into them. But where to end the stitches?

It only took me a few hours, but I finally smacked myself in the head and said "Dumba**! Why don't you take a single strand of floss and "sketch" in the pumpkins so that you'll know where to end the jeans!"

So that's what I did while watching Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams". Man o' manachevitz was he dreamy in that movie...but when isn't he?

Aunt Chrissy and I are going to have a Sissy Date Night to exchange our Christmas lists. (Or should I say letters to Santa Claus.) We're both having extreme anxiety about the whole gift thing this year because neither of us really "needs" or "wants" anything that makes any freakin' sense whatsoever. So instead of writing lists to each other, we're doing them in the form of letters to Santa Claus so that we can put the stupidest stuff on there and not feel one bit goofy.

(This is where I point out that Stewey's letter to Mr. Claus was promptly posted on November 1st, as is his custom.)

New neighbors are moving in next door, so I suppose it's time to whip up a bundt and welcome them to the neighborhood. I'd rather greet them this way than have to do so at 7 in the morning when Stewey decides to go over and pee on their rosebushes and they happen to be out there getting ready to leave for work. Yesterday, I was standing in the middle of the front yard in my pajamas at 3 in the afternoon because Stewey decided that it was time to go bark at the fire hydrant, and they drove by with abject horror on their faces. Guess it's time to go convince them that I'm semi-civilized.


  1. Number 1 - Kevin is dreamy in most movies - but Fields was one of his best!

    Number 2 - I would take a stitching spinster as a neighbor before the teacher that lives next to me. She is not a thin woman. But, she thinks she is and as such rides her lawn mower in a two piece bathing suit. There are things about this picture that NO ONE wants to see!

    Smiles - Denise

  2. I second that comment about having you for a neighbor! I can only wish, right?

    Rusty is looking hot too!

  3. Yep, those scarecrows are nothin' but trouble.

    I like the idea of making up a silly list for Santa! Put a nice vacation on there with a real man. That scarecrow will be left to stand in the field after that.

  4. Oh, and about the jammies on the lawn, you are in good company. I have been known to go out to the mail box in the winter (with a coat over the jannies) for the mail.

  5. Swapping Santa letters is a fabulous idea. Is a new tv from Target on the list to replace the one you spoke about a couple of posts down?

    Sue :)

  6. Silly Santa list! What a great plan. I'm sure most neighbours would find you delightful... but by all means, a bundt couldn't hurt!

  7. What a great idea to figure out where to place those stitches!!

    I liked Kevin Costner best in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Other than that, he's alright. each her own, right?! LOL

    Have fun with your Sissy Date Night! I am trying to convince my sis we need to go to lunch and SOON!

  8. Oh Coni, it was great to sit here and catch up with you and Stewey. I have been unable to do any blog reading for a couple weeks - but thanks to ice/heating pad, a few drugs and rest - my sciatic nerve is calmer...and I love your finish of the La-D-Da and your friend Rusty is coming right along. Missed reading a couple times a week - sounds like your life has been interesting....far more exciting than mine! Have a great day!!