Oct 4, 2010


Well, I just don't know what to say about all of your lovely comments about my FEE NEE of Quaker Diamonds.

Oh who the hell am I kidding? I know exactly what to say and feigning false modesty has never ever been my strong suit.


Or something like that.

But seriously....do you ever wonder why we all walk around blushing furiously when somebody makes a nice comment about our stitching? And then we say "Oh, thank you, but it's not that great. The back is messy, the stitches aren't perfect, blah blah blah." Why do we do this? And, more importantly, why do we do this when we are secretly giving ourselves cramps from doing an internal Happy Dance while simultaneously patting ourselves on the backside?

Stitching isn't rocket science, I'll grant you, but it is hard to do (in some cases), time consuming, and demanding of one's inner creativity, need to produce, and propensity for collecting. It takes up large portions of our days, even larger portions of our wallets, and we spend hours and hours and hours not just stitching, but reading about stitching, planning our stitching, shopping for stitching, and then fantasizing about stitching.

So let's be honest and just say that we all just FREAKIN' ROCK because we're in this thing of ours and recognize the fact that finishing something and then having your stitchy pals comment about it feels absolutely wonderful.

Once again, may I just say....thank you.

Last night I pranced around until Stewey told me to knock it the hell off already and then I headed up to the studio to fish out something that would qualify as my next stitching adventure.

(A note about my use of the word "studio". I know that it throws a lot of people, and those poor souls who have never had needle and thread in hand can't for the life of them figure out what the heck one does in a "needlework studio". I also risk the chance that you will think me pretentious and snotty and that rather than just saying "the big ass room where I keep all of my stitchy crap", I call it a "studio". As if I were up there painting the Mona Lisa or sculpting the heiney on the David or something. But the truth is that I call it a "studio" because it sounds so much nicer than "the room over my garage" or "upstairs". "Studio" implies that I create and rest and clear my head and solve all the problems of the universe up there. It also means that Aunt Chrissy and I can have Studio Saturday and that we can combine this with MooMoos and Mocktails and rewrite Spinster history. So if you're offended by the use of the word "studio", might I suggest that you create one for your very own self? And if you don't have a whole room or closet for your stitching stuff, why can't your stitchy BASKET be your studio? Or the chair that you sit in? Or the kitchen table? It's all a state of mind, really.)

(Just like my "library" happens to be two crappy bookshelves and a box full of old magazines stuffed into a closet. See? Studio and library. What more could a Spinster want in this life?)

Boy, did I go off the reservation on that one, or what?

Here's the chart that I pulled and then clutched to my droopy boobs all night long...with hopes and dreams of getting it under way:
Alas, it was pure torture for me since I didn't have one darn piece of linen that would work for this. The chart calls for Lakeside Linens "Tarnished Silver", but I don't have anything remotely close to this in Ye' Olde Pile O' Linen. So I woke up bright and early this morning, took Stewey for his constitutional, and then picked the phone up and called Ms. Amy at Down Sunshine Lane.

You know how things are just meant to be? Well, this one most definitely was, because Amy had the perfect package of linen just for me and it's winging it's way to me as we speak.

(Here's where I need to apologize to Amy for babbling on like some king of hepped-up idiot while on the phone today. What can I say other than the fact that I was THRILLED to meet another one of my stitchy heroes on the phone?)

(Amy, if you'd like to learn more about this, Laura J. Perin can tell you all about my blathering on and on and one and how sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the President of your Official Fan Club is a whack-a-do.)

So today I'm going to putz about the house and see what kind of trouble I can get into. Methinks it's time to do a little re-organizing of things and perhaps the vacuum cleaner will make an appearance. I also want to get a few minutes of PUMPKIN (!) in with Stewey out in the front yard, since he seems to be a little forlorn at the overall lack of physical activity around here.

Happy Monday! I hope that you're off to a rip-roaring start to the week! Woo Hoo!


  1. LOL - You crack me up :0) Thanks for giving me a smile today and YES we are FAN DAMNTASTIC! Have a great day!

  2. Enjoy your happy dance.

    Dang. Everyone's pulling out these beautiful halloween and fall designs to stitch, and I'm so jealous. Enjoy stitching the bats and cats.

  3. Sounds like a great plan to me !!! Have fun staying out of trouble today!!! Hope that linen gets to you tomorrow!! LOL

  4. Woo hoo, you are flying high!

    Years ago the designer at Fulmer Craft sent out a letter with her designs saying she was tired of hearing stitchers shrug off compliments by saying, "Oh thanks, but I just followed a chart." and then she admonished us all that homebuilders never say, "Oh thanks, but I just followed a blueprint."

    I have always remembered that. So I'm glad you're celebrating. Congrats. Quaker Diamonds is gorgeous!!

  5. When I started setting up my "craft/sewing room", I was gently chastised by one of the most talented woman in my needlework guild. Pam told me that it's my studio because it is a place that should challenge me to be creative and make lovely things. I like her take on it, so go STUDIO (and I like library, too)!!

  6. Saying "thank you" without the "but" that follows is hard. I really work at just saying thank you because I always want to say the but part too. Celebrate your beautiful stitching!!! It's gorgeous.

  7. Way to go!!! I am a day late, and quite possibly a dollar short, but your finish looks fabuloso!!!

  8. I love the Quaker Diamonds, Coni! And as far as saying, oh it isn't all that great see the mess on the back, blah blah blah, I think it comes from being taught the SIN of PRIDE when we were younger. Drilled into us. Or at least me. And then there is the most awful Sin of CONCEIT. To heck with that. I vote for JOY. PASSION. CREATIVITY and HAPPINESS. No sin there :-)

  9. Sounds good !
    Love your pattern !!

  10. I like the new project! And you deserve every compliment you get on your stitching. It isn't that often that we get to make the world a more beautiful place? Maybe if all bad guys took up stitching, they'd be too busy and happy to mess up the world.... So huge pat on the back for you, which will save you hurting yourself during your happy dance.

  11. Coni,

    Just love Quaker Diamonds! Very lovely.

    In other news, I found where I could order ort jars by Making Memories. :D I already got the three large ones and they are great for holding Sajou bobbins and DMC cotton balls.

    I am still looking for the rub on labels with the months, and so contacted the store where in you got them (Pages in Time). I am hoping they can tell me the company brand so that I may hunt even further. If they don't know the name, I plan on using pretty label/stickers and just writing the months on them instead.

    I also went back in your archives and am up to June of 2009. I absolutely love your blog! You and Stewey are such a riot, and Aunt Chrissy (Crys) and Bosco too.

    In going back in time, I saw that you had Annie's thread keepers. Did you make those symbols yourself? They look so professionally done! Now of course, I have to get my own set...as you have solved a similar problem for me regarding multiple thread color changes for projects I want to do in the near future.

    Hugs to you and Stewey, and Chrissy and Bosco too!


  12. Quaker Diamonds turned out SO fabulous! You should be very proud and happy. I look forward to seeing your progress on the Blue Ribbons piece.

  13. Way to go Coni, it's beautiful so you should be doing the happy dance. I know "Thank You But" pops up too often for all of us....my personal fave...Oh you look really pretty today...and someone responds "Thanks but I've had this outfit forever" or "Thanks but I got this dress at Target on markdown", ect....

    And I use the same defination of libary for my ricky old bookselves in the basement and my craft room aka guestroom closet.

  14. Beautiful! All that hard work you deserve the praise. I'm "happy dancing" for you. The crisp autumn air is perfect for stitching. I seem to do more at this time or maybe it's seeing all the leaves, pumpkins, bats, and witches that make me want to stitch. Thank you Coni for sharing yourself with us.

  15. Coni, you weren't blathering - I quite enjoyed our conversation! :-) I'm just glad we had the fabric you needed. :-) You are welcome to call anytime.
    Love your blog - don't post often, but I do check it as often as I can! Hope the fabric arrives today.... HAPPY STITHCING!!!