Aug 22, 2010


Aunt Chrissy and I went to dinner at the fancypants sushi place, then we went to the CVS so I could get a twisty thing for my hair that I saw on the Tee Vee, then we went to the Michael's so that Aunt Chrissy could get a new big ass basket for her stitching, and then we went to Borders so that I could sit in a chair and look at all the books.


(More on the twisty thing later, but methinks the folks at Goody are geniuses....FINALLY! something that allows me to pile my hair on top of my head without having it pulled so tight I get a raging headache before 9 in the morning.)

(My hair is very very long and very very heavy. It's kinda like having a sweaty, forty pound squirrel on your head.)

I'm humming right along on Quaker Diamonds. Stay tuned for photographic evidence.

Back to the studio....


  1. Coni, looking forward to seeing your progress on Quaker Diamonds! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...

  2. I think I must have your sweaty, forty pound squirrel's brother on my head - I am thinking of getting a haircut but I will check out the 'twisty thing' once you have tested it!

  3. That sounds like my kind of night!!!

    And lololol re: "40lb sweaty squirrel"!! Please do tell us what this contraption is... I may need to try it... I have very very long hair as well, and not getting it cut as often as I should (finding the time is not high on my list of priorities) leads to a similar issue.

  4. I have a very funny picture of you in my mind with the squirrel on your head! :)

    Question about the thread on your Quaker diamonds. Do you not seperate it? I have never used this brand before.

  5. About Quaker Diamonds: Look at the pattern. Which are the two dominant letters in the design? The designer's initials, of course! I switched her initials for mine and am so happy with the results. Just thought you might want to consider this.

  6. I have brillo hair - curly, thick, long, gross ("It's kinda like having a sweaty, forty pound squirrel on your head" Exactly!). If those new "bobby pins" from goody work I'm gonna be doing the snoopy dance!

    Eagerly awaiting your review of them!

  7. Oh my, a sweaty squirrel - your descriptions once again make me laugh! I love Borders...even walking in the door. I have a short cut right now, but miss being able to pull it up off my face! Waiting anxiously to see your progress on Q.D.

  8. An observation on your 40-pound squirrel. Did you ever think that your headaches could be from the weight of your hair pulling on your scalp? I have heard of this before and cutting some of it off helped.
    Quite frankly, my dear, I would love to have long hair. Mother nature left me with the thinest, sparest head of head ever. Enjoy your happy chair.