May 3, 2010


Saturday was supposed to be a "let's run around and do all of our errands day", but I wimped out and cleaned the house instead. Aunt Chrissy did the very same to her Chez Stitchy, so by the time the sun went down there were two very happy spinsters in Hoosierville. It must've been the moon..or maybe the tides....because even Stewey got a scrubby bath with good 'ol Irish Spring soap. (And yes, in the event you were wondering, I did , in fact spend the rest of the night cuddling him and sniffing all of the clean soft downy fur puppy goodness.)

In addition to this, I finally decided how to finish Shepherd's Bush My Land:
As you can see, I opted not to stitch the entire song around the edges, but rather use only a few of the words at the very bottom. I even fished out the graph paper and everything so that I could have some semblance of order when it came to the actual lettering. What do you think? Can we call this another finish for 2010 and whisk it off to the Michael's for some framing action?

I was still on a roll, so I picked up La-D-Da's Daisy Daisy Kit and got quite a bit done. I know I say this every time (and then never do), but methinks this will stay next to the Happy Chair until the last stitch is completed:

Other happenings are just as dull around here. I'm still watching/obsessing over all things Tudors, and have now managed to see all of the available episodes at least four times. (I know, I intervention is definitely in order, but when the view from the Happy Chair looks like this on a lazy Sunday, who am I to complain):

Stewey is anxiously waiting for his BFF Aunt Chrissy to arrive. She made him a pedicure appointment for this afternoon, so he's really looking forward to spending some quality time with a life form that he feels adequate to his intellect. Damn dog.

I hope that you're off to a good week! We're plodding along like a herd of turtles around here and should make it to Friday before we figure out what hit us.


  1. Love the daisy! I think your choice for the SB project was perfect.

  2. Congratulations on a fabulous finish and I love your new start!

    Yep, four times is over-the-top and you need help, lol!

    Have a good week.

  3. Oh I love "My Land" YAY!
    And the sweet daisy from La-D-Da is languishing somewhere among the 1000's I want to do....someday.

    Stewey is getting a pedi? I need to get one too....

  4. Beautiful stitching. I love the SB piece. And the La d da is adorable!

  5. Yep, its a finish for Shepards Bush. The daisy looks great. And - love the view from the happy chair, Coni! Also like the lighting in your house.

    Stewey has a great view for animal and insect watching. Oh, and for looking for his BFF Aunt Chrissy!

  6. I'm doing a double happy dance for you! Two wonderful finishes in less than week! Marvelous!

  7. A beautiful piece of stitching and your dog is adorable. kind regards, Shirley

  8. Coni,

    LOVE!! My land!! the wording it perfect! I wish I had thought of it first....

    Stewey is just a doll sitting there for Aunt Chrissy. Wishing I had a dog small enough to snuggle dog is 80 pounds!!! Yikes! LOL

    Your home looks absolutely lovely too. Really like the poppy pic over the fireplace...
    Hugs to you and Stewey,

  9. Congrats on the stitchy finish! I so look forward to seeing it framed! I also like what you have started...keep up the great work!

    I, alas, have no stitchy time this week. I will be spending my days delivering flowers and my evenings trying to veg a bit after the long days. Have a great stitchy week!

  10. I want to thank you for sharing your Tudors obsession. Perusing the channels Sunday afternoon, I said, "Oh, yes, we have Showtime. Wonder if The Tudors is as good as she says it is."
    I have since watched 6 episodes since Sunday at 6 PM, and am midway through Season 1. I am under a time pressure, as Season 1will be "on demand" until 5/11, & Season 2 until 5/18 & 5/23, Season 3 until.....well, you get it. Thanks for sharing this obsession! Cara & Mia are enjoying this as much as Stewey! Denise

  11. Coni, I think it's time for me to ask you something I've always wondered while reading your blog: how can you stitch so much? I guess you are a really fast stitcher - or I'm a really slow one! How much can you stitch during a Tudors episode so I can compare your time with mine? :-D