May 16, 2010


As has been previously mentioned on this here blog by Little Lord Fauntleroy His Very Naughty Self, the level of activity around here has been shall I put this?.....modest.

I am pacing myself, yes indeedie I am, but may I just point out that it is 8am on a Sunday and I am here at the 'puter writing my drivel while SOMEBODY remains snuggled under the covers in the big girl sleigh bed?

Now I know it drives you nuts that I call it the big girl sleigh bed, but it comes by that name honestly. When I lived in New Jersey, I went out and bought my very first piece of real estate. It was a momentous occasion for all involved, and you would have thought that the 800 square feet that comprised my condo in the sky was the Taj Freaking Mahal. Well, when I went to the closing, the nice people there handed me a check and said something about there being too much money in escrow (or some other obscure place that only bankers understand), and they told me to go buy myself something nice for my new house. So I did. I marched right into the nearest furniture store and said "Hi! I just bought my very first house and I need a big girl bed!". The saleslady took one look at me, and in her best Jersey accent said "Yeah, you sure do." (I presume that this was in reference to my girth, but who the heck knows what anybody in that part of the world usually thought of me?) So she marched me right over to where the beds were located and said "Here, hon. That's the one you want. I'll have it delivered on Tuesday. Where do you want it delivered?"

So that was that, and I finally had a big girl bed after years of sleeping on blow-up mattresses, waterbeds, and futons. And it's been my most very favorite thing in the whole wide world ever since.

Strawberry Shortcake continues, and I am still really loving every stitch of it. I'm not moving as quickly as I would like, but sometimes I guess I need to learn how to enjoy the process of it all rather than the progress. (Have you seen the stitchy question about that very subject out there in Blogville? I'm still formulating my response, but I think those that have answered it thus far have done so quite brilliantly.)

I'm rubbing my hands together and smacking my lips in anticipation of tonight's Tudors. I will confess that last week's episode was extremely hard to watch, so I'm hoping for something a little more uplifting tonight. Without giving too much away (although the fact that it's history kind of kills any surprises in the overall plot), I found myself feeling really really guilty that I had been wishing for Catherine Howard to "exit" the scene, and then, when she did, it was brutal. I mean baroo-tull. So there I sat, feeling really bad that I was cheering for her demise all these weeks, and I wondered if I could have grown to love her eventually?....

(pondering that thought for a moment)....

Nope. Couldn't stand her. And the fact that she was only fifteen didn't stir my normal instinct to protect and love all children (ahem). I wanted her g-o-n-e.

Oops. Didn't mean to go so far afield on this one. Here's the progress on SS:
And, just so you have something by which to compare it (is that even correct?):
I hope that your Sunday is fabulous and that you get to do whatever it is you want to do! As for me....I'm going to go wake up a sleepy dog and then laugh at his little bed head hair style. Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!


  1. Sounds like you will have a lovely Sunday! Tussle the bed head for me.

  2. SSC is looking great - gotta love those colors! I hope you and Stewey have a great day!

  3. I finished Season 2 of the Tudors last night and I am about to start on Season 3. I love this series!!

  4. Strawberry Shortcake is fabulous - and tastes great too, lol!

  5. I just love that period of history. I got obsessed to the point where I read biographies of all of Henry's wives... poor things. The Tudors is on my list! The stitching looks great as usual.

  6. Your SSC looks wonderful Coni. I always have to close my eyes before your page comes up because I know that you'll have something wonderful there.

    Love the sleigh bed story. I have one that was my fathers. It's my favorite piece.

  7. SSC is gorgeous, of course! I understand about "big girl" beds. For my first apartment, my parents were very sweet and purchased me a twin sized box spring and mattress. When DH and I first starting dating, I realized that twin size was NOT going to cut it, and I remember being SO thrilled to finally get into a full size bed! :)

  8. I also can't wait until tonight. I have to say when the season is over I will be really sad. But a alas, he only had so many wives! I just love all the historical series, hbo as produced. Did you see Rome? if not get the dvd's it fabu. Cheers!

  9. Hey, it's your bed and you can call it whatever you like:))) Love the colors in SS.

  10. I love slow Sunday mornings! Your Strawberry Shortcake is really pretty and I can't wait to see it finished!

  11. Beautiful shades of red and pink coming together nicely in the shortcake.


  12. Well with all of the comments on the Tudors I am going to hike myself up to the video store tomorrow and see if they have the first group on DVD - just to see what all of the googling,oh my ing and such is all about.
    Your SS is very pretty.
    Happy Stitching!

  13. Love the colors on Strawberry Shortcake. It is gorgeous. I love the needleminder too. Hi to Stewey.

  14. Great post! :) Loved the digression to Tudor-ville. :)

    SSC looks great!!