Apr 9, 2010


Doesn't look like much, but here's a week's worth of stitching:

Painted canvas from Aunt Chrissy's stash (artist unknown)
(I think she gave this to me out of sheer pity, really, but I'm not questioning it since it's so much fun to play with and will result in something pretty cool when completed.)

Little Rabbit in the Neighborhood
This came with a stitch guide, but so far I've managed to ignore it completely and fly by the seat of my very big girl pants

Cirque de Fleur
Orna Willis cyber class
I need to get caught up on my lessons! Only two more to go!

Lily Frog
Sew Much Fun
Here she is! Now she needs to go to the frog hospital for assembly!


  1. Beautiful stitching. I can't wait to see Lily frog complete.

    So is Stewy behaving himself?

  2. oh oh the frog !
    how exciting

    i picture stewey instead of rabbit
    in the neighborhood canvas.

  3. OMG that Cirque du fluer is stunning. I like all the ones you are working on but that Cirque is jaw dropping. It just pops off the canvas. What a great job you are doing with it. And can't wait to see Lily Frog when she comes back from the frog doctor!

  4. What wonderful stitching -- all beautiful work. I can't wait to see Lily; who do you send her to?

  5. Coni,

    I just love the Little Rabbit in the Neighborhood! WOW you are doing a wonderful job on it.

    I bow to your WOW!

    Hugs to you and Steweyookums,

  6. Nice job! You are doing a great job on yor painted canvases. You go girl!

  7. Lilly frog looks like a lot of fun - I hope her trip to the Hospital isn't too painful.
    Love your little rabbit stitching - super cute.

  8. Great stitching Coni! I love that Little Rabbit and can't wait to see Lily frog all done up.

  9. I can't wait to see Lily Frog complete - tell her to hurry up and go to the hospital!

    And how is Stewey these days?

  10. I see you are experementing with 'flying without a stitch guide'. Does thios mean you will attempt the-project-we-must-not-name?

    Great stitching! I knew you could do it!!

  11. Lovely stitching. Looking forward to seeing the frog (I can't how it fits together in my head, so it should be a nice surprise.)

  12. Coni... thanks for sharing your lovely stitching talent as well as your fun and entertaining outlook on life. Don't stop, you make make me smile. A happy stitcher in eastern Canada!

  13. Gorgeous stitching as usual! I look forward to seeing the frog when it is all put together, it looks really cute!