Apr 13, 2010


Before we commence with today's festivities, let's get some housekeeping out of the way.

(By now y'all know that I'm not talking about real housekeeping, because I live in a house that looks as though it had recently been invaded by a large contingent of frat boys. Or squirrels. But, nevertheless, we've got housekeeping to do of the blog variety, so we'll just overlook the eighty-eight pairs of underpants strewn about the closet floor and get on with it.)

Firstly, may I just say a big fat THANK YOU to BlogVille from dear Aunt Chrissy for all of the lovely birthday wishes? Touching and wonderful and very much appreciated, folks. I know that she read each and every one of them with a teary eye and a warm heart.

(We took a little road trip over to New Buffalo, Michigan and found a restaurant called "The Stray Dog". This would have made for a perfect evening had I not got lost on the way home and almost drove us to Maryland, but alas, we made it home safe and sound.)

Secondly, we are, in fact, accepting any and all applications for new sista's. Seeing how our little family consists of just the two of us, we are ALWAYS on the lookout for new victims. (Did I say that out loud? I meant to say recruits.) Membership comes with unlimited access to the Spinster Sisters Stitching Studio and a full bottle of extra strength Tylenol. Just bring snacks and nobody will get hurt.

And finally....the corporate gypsy-like meanderings of the Family a' la Rich (when it consisted of more than just yours truly and Aunt Chrissy:

1. Lima, Ohio - where it all began
2. Bellefontaine, Ohio - where Aunt Chrissy came into being
3. Athens, Tennessee - the early school years
4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - where we cheered for the Steelers from the North Hills
5. Lima, Ohio - home again
6. El Paso, Texas - a bit of a detour on the way to Dad's retirement
7. Phoenix, Arizona - well...nothing to say here except I'm happy to live in Hoosierville *

*Please don't take offense if you actually live in Phoenix. It's just that nothing good ever happened to me there.

My own personal history diverted to Notre Dame, Indiana and then South Bend, and then Margate, New Jersey for a few years, but I can safely say that Mishawaka, Indiana is now the official home of Major League SpinsterNutBall.

So on to the stitching...

I seem to be in a very canvas state of mind, so that's what I've been playing with recently. First up is a painted canvas from Cooper Oaks:

This one is presenting me with a bit of a challenge, since the frequent color changes and small areas of color are telling me to do this all in tent stitch. I'm trying to throw in a few long stitches for the leaves, and I'll do the red flower centers in padded velvet, but for now I'm happy to let the design and colors speak for itself on this one.

Next is a canvas and stitch guide by the same folks who brought us Lily Frog. This is supposed to be a purse insert (I think), but I'm going to do this all in silk and frame it for my bedroom. I like the size of this one, since everything else I've worked on lately has been rather large, Marge:

Finally, is a painted canvas by Debbie Rowley. I've picked out a bunch of different silks and linens, and metallics for this one and am starting to see some funky stitches dancing in my head, so I'll keep you posted as it starts to come to life:

If you're more interested in cross stitch, never fear. I will probably poke around upstairs later today for something that I can do to give my poor fingers a break. They always get a little sore when I switch to canvas. I know, I know...I'm not using a large enough needle to open the canvas hole a little. But I've got a head like a rock and would rather complain about sore fingers than I would actually solve the problem.

So that's the report today. Stewey has asked me to send a fond hello to his fans and loved ones. He's feeling rather poorly due to allergies, but meds are on board and he will be back to his spunky little self very soon!


  1. Coni, just having a Rod Serling moment after reading your post. I grew up in Phoenix but had beginnings in Genoa, OH - a stone's throw from Lima - I also have only one sibling, a sister, and my husbands birthday is April 12. Hope Stewey's allergies are under control and he's feeling much better.

  2. Spent nine years in Sewickley and still cheer for the Stillers, just up the road a bit now in SW Michigan! Hugs to Stewey.

  3. I love Debbie's piece. I can see lots of fun in this piece. I might need to move into the needlework store to get all the right threads. The flower canvas looks scary but it will be fun watching your progress. ig hugs to Stewey. Doggie drugs are great.

  4. I grew up in New Buffalo, MI and have found my way to Phoenix, AZ. It's definitely a different world out here! But then, the New Buffalo I grew up in is a far cry from the one you visited this week. I wonder if my grandparents pictures are still hanging in the high school (they were department heads for years)? LOL

    Hope you have made some fun plans for tomorrow... it's *our* day!

  5. I live in Elkhart and don't have any family in this area and my best stitchy friend moved to Texas! I'd love to meet some new local stitchers to hang out with and I make yummy snacks. :-)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to Aunt Chrissy! What a trouper of a sister! :)

    I do hope that Stewey gets better soon; allergies are not fun when one wants to play!

    Hugs to you all,

  7. Here are my credentials for sista-hood: I'm Greek, bake wonderful kourabiethes,drink Diet Coke, take Bayer Back and Body aspirin tabs thrice a day whether I need them or not, needlepoint, cross stitch, quilt, knit, live with two zany cats, prefer living in Michigan to Florida and cut my little sister's hair in the shape of a bowl way back when. Am I in??? (please?) oh and I am much more comfortable in my expando waist band Michigan sweats than anything else!!

  8. Sorry I missed sending birthday wishes to Aunt Chrissy...but, better late then never! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT CHRISSY...hope is was all you wished for and more...

    Love the WIPs, so vibrant! A big hello to Stew, and I hope he is feeling better soon!

  9. Can I be your Pittsburgh cousin? That'll entitle you to a meal on me at any Primanti Brothers restaurant (you choose the location) and one pound of Isaly's chipped/chopped ham.

    I was surprised to learn about your Pittsburgh roots. But not really, because I think that all good people spend some time in Pittsburgh at some point in their lives.

  10. I'd have to be a long-distance-sista, but I can cook and can, love beets, can make moussaka and baklava, quilt (sort of),knit when my feet get cold (socks), love to stitch. I don't like housework, have a sense of humor, and jammies are my favorite attire when inside.

    Sounds like you girls had fun last night, even with getting lost. Hope Stewey is feeling better soon.

  11. sounds like the bday frolic was fun
    good times for you both

    nice new canvases

    stewey on meds....i can only imagine ;-)

  12. I would liketo apply to join the family. I can make really good snacks, love to stitch, have a dog, and a kid. I am an only child who has really been thinking as I got older--Gosh I wish I had a sister.


  13. Ah, New Buffalo. Those very words bring to mind some of the best ice cream I've ever had, found at Oink's. If you haven't been there yet, you officially have a reason to return to that fair city.

    My husband is rather partial to Redamak's, but I'm willing to give the Stray Dog a try. Perhaps I'll look it up during my next visit there.

  14. My oldest son began in Lima, OH. We were there for three years. Did you know the show Glee is set in Lima?

    The spousal unit and I were both born and raised in Memphis, moved to Lima right after our first wedding anniversary, then after three years and one kid, family whined for us to move closer to home. We moved to Little Rock, we have another name for it but I won't go there, were there eight years and two more sons and then moved to Ft Walton Beach, FL and have been here on the Panhandle for close to 13 yrs.

    Happy Seriously Belated Birthday to Aunt Chrissy.