Mar 28, 2010



By the time you read this, I am hoping that Chez Spinster will be minus one roof and I will be safely tucked into Aunt Chrissy's stitchy chair. God willin' and the creek don't rise, the roofer will be here at o-dark hundred and Stewey and I will be away from the noise and mess.

Thank you all for such empowering comments about me feeling like such a schmuckatude all the time. It's nice to know I'm not alone, but troubling somehow that there are so many nice people out there on the big blue marble that are getting lousy customer service. I really thought that the bad economy would make everybody sit up in the buggy a bit and be more on point with their skill sets and all, but apparently I am still living in a parallel universe of rainbows and unicorns.

On the stitchy front this weekend, I ripped out the tiny progress I made on Fascination and re-kitted it in Wildflowers and Vineyard Silks. The chart calls for Watercolours and Silk & Ivory, but the thickness of both of those fibers was giving me fits beyond what normally gives me fits. The new threads are precisely what the doctor ordered, however, so methinks I'll get going on that more in the upcoming days and weeks.

I also futzed around for about six hours during Saturday Studio Stitching with Sissy time, so I'm happy to report that everything is now in tidy piles and my side of the room looks a little less like the Tasmanian Devil had a picnic in there.

Today I worked a little on Cirque de Fleur but got impatient with the Neon Rays, so I tucked it safely into its little bed and wished it a good night night. Before I knew what hit me, I was plugging away on Lily Frog, so stay tuned for some progress pics! Could it be that I just might stick with this one until the bitter end?

Only The Shadow knows....


  1. I just watched that movie (the one with Alec Baldwin) last week and have been saying "only the shadow knows" any time I can get away with it! So cool! I love watching your progress and hope to see Lilly finished soon. I too think my dog is the greatest- pictures of her and my stitching are here:



  2. hooray for raising your roof in more ways than one
    and the frog is back
    i have a fascination with that frog
    of yours
    it just looks like a fun piece of work
    looking forward to seeing more....

  3. Hope your roof work gets done today!!!! Good for you :-).

  4. I hope your roofer is ontime and wonderful. I got a new roof two weeks ago and was so pleased with the whole process. If you lived closer, I'd refer you to my roofer.

    Yippee on the stitchy progress this weekend and stitchy time with Aunt Chrissy!


  5. I read your blog religiously...well, maybe irreverently.

    I received this URL from a woman who is apparently looking out for ways to promote my business:
    After you go there and read the article and view the video, continue reading this note.
    I sent the URL on to a customer who is amused by most things (and happens to be unmarried) and she wrote back:
    "My cousin pointed out that these men are Mr. Right for me!! Where can I find a man who is gone most of the time and shares my hobbies?? I can’t think of anyone more perfect than that!! "
    So, of course that made me think of you!

  6. Coni, I really hope the roof gets in shape real soon - I'm worried about the studio!
    And continuing with your training on becoming an angry customer when you have to: always think that those people do not have to love you. And you don't have to love them back. So ask them what you want, don't apologize and go on! :)

  7. I suggest that you get it in writing. Anytime you deal with a contractor add the start and finish date with a cash PENALTY if they do not perform as agreed upon. You can change any contract by adding and crossing out parts that you do not agree with. If the contractor doesn't agree with it, find another contractor.
    I find that dropping my voice to just above a whisper, speak clearly and in a neutral voice gets there attention. That way they have to listen and can't accuse you of being a b***h or worse. Ask them to repeat what you said so there is no misunderstanding. State your complaint in a way that says, "I know you want to make this right."