Mar 18, 2010


*First of all, please allow me to vehemently state that in no way do I consider myself a Celebstitchy. I am just not creative enough to figure out some other pithy and catchy title for today's post and for a reason unknown to me I have Dr. Drew Pinsky on the brain.

(Celebstitchy = A stitcher of worldwide fame who brings delight and inspiration to needleworkers everywhere.)

So I did it.

I went upstairs and pulled all of the WIP's that were not languishing on the Island of Misfit Toys and put them on the guest bed. Then I took pictures of them and put them right back into the basket. This basket shall heretofore be known as the HANDBASKET TO HELL.

Oddly enough, I haven't gone off the reservation this time, but rather am quite interested in taking a look at the various projects to see what I might want to play with next. (I guess all of this navel gazing is finally paying off and I have learned to leave my stitchy angst at the studio door. Woo Hoo for progress!) (Is this what we might call a breakthrough?!)

Several of you out there in Stitchy Blogville did posts in which you showed your WIP's and gave some interesting notes on each. I loved that, and think I might do the very same eventually. In the's the overall pile 'o stuff:

Not bad for an amateur, eh? To be honest, I actually like most of the stuff in this pic, so I don't think my description of it as the HANDBASKET TO HELL is quite accurate. But the name seemed to stick with me somehow, and seeing how I will probably mood-swing back to peeved at this mess in the next four and a half minutes, I might as well keep it.

I've posted a slide show over there on the right hand side so that you can see each item individually. Forgive the craptastic photographic skills, but Stewey has the instruction book for the camera in his little fort and I'm not allowed to rummage through without his supervision.

I did start something new last night (wipe that smirk off your face, please). It's Daisy Daisy by La-D-Da:
Aunt Chrissy and I went to a NANI guild event at which Ms. La-D-Da her very self taught a class, so I picked this up and thought it was just the cutiest thing ever. Don't know why I hadn't started it before now. This is a kit that comes with Weeks Dye Works 30ct. Tin Roof linen and all of the Belle Soie silks needed.

Today is another beautiful day in the neighborhood and Stewey is hard at work protecting the bird feeders from the marauding squirrels:

"Leave me alone, please. I am hard at work ignoring the squirrels."

As for me...I managed to finish all of the laundry yesterday so I am rewarding myself with a few hours of guilt-free stitching in the Happy Chair. Now if I could just do something about those darn dishes in the sink....

Happy Thursday! Hope wherever you are is exactly where you want to be!


  1. Pepper. Squirrels HATE pepper. Sprinkle it around the feeders, on the feeders, in the feeders.

    Oh, and the dishes can wait!!

  2. Oh Coni !!! Can I just throw myself in the middle on that bed !! I would be in heaven !!! You have great stitchin' stuff ! Love the La-D Da Daisy. I have been looking for that chart. Just stitch. Forget Dishes are there !! lol

  3. Wow Coni! Don't you feel proud of yourself for assessing your "H2H" so rationally?! I love looking over your shoulder at all the gorgeous things you have to choose from. O what fun! And Daisy is going to be lovely. Big hugs to Stewey. Ask him if he's going to have a garden this year...

  4. They look like great wips and that Shepherd's Bush one looks finished to me. I'd go for the nearly finished ones first. A nice lot though actually.

  5. Coni,

    Thank you for letting us see that WIP pile! NOW you have got to show us the misfit toys section! :D

    Really love that Rainforest Crunch! AND your pictures were superb! Wish I took such good pics of my stitching works/finishes!

    I love the My Land too, and that should be an easy on that one, and you'll feel better for it! :D

    Hugs to you and Stewey!

  6. Hey, squirrels have to eat, too!

  7. You crack me up! Congrats on the new start!!!

  8. Hey some of those look close (ish) to being done! You have some way cute projects. Thanks for the slide show; I'm sure just being organized will help keep you sane (ish).

  9. I never worry about the dishes (or the bed, or the dust or any of these things. They are not going anywhere and will still be there when I get good and ready to get up from my Comfy Couch and deal with them. Enjoy your stitching reward -- you always deserve it.

    BTW - loved your latest column in Needlework Now.

    And why not fine a piece with squirrels to stitch?

  10. Be careful on block B4 on Rainbow Crunch. There appears to be several errors on it. No quick and easy suggestions here.

  11. Oh my gosh, do you have some great WIPs going on there. I'll wipe the smirk off my face, but I kind of new that you'd start something new. I'd probably have done the same thing - the WIPs are great to look at, but the new stuff is so much fun!!

  12. That sure is one cute project that you decided to work on - should have it done before the dishes. Enjoy stitching

  13. love those pillows on the bed
    and as for all the stitchy projects
    they look well tended and will surely see their completion...all in due pressure

    nice bread!

  14. SB's My Land looks as though it almost finished, so couldn't you spend a couple of hours on that one?

  15. What a picture, these squirrels hanging from the bird feeders, lol. Every effort seems to be worth it when you can get some good food.
    Great WIP picture as well. LA-D-DA's Daisy is such a beauty.

  16. All your projects are beautiful Coni! Your new start is very pretty too!! :)

  17. Wow! Those are some impressive WIP's!! Love the new start, it's very cute!

  18. Honestly, I thought there would be many more... but then they are each so special... and My Land looks very nearly finished! Yep, when you're stuck in WIPs land, a newbie is just what's needed, and a nice one you picked! Dishes? Who cares about dishes -- wait, I think I'm out of clean forks?

  19. It truly does not look like a lot of WIP to me. leave the dishes-put off til tomorrow what you don't want to do today!Who is there to see but you.

    Now for the real question - where did you get the bread recipe? It looks great and you said it was easy (I'm baking challenged) and very tasty. Please send the where it is to be found and I will try my hand also. Husband who I will visit in a week will love it.


    Happy Stitching!

  20. To quote the Grateful Dead, I may be going to hell in a bucket, baby, but at least I'm enjoying the ride. That's pretty much my feeling about my stash and WIPs. Of course, the shame spiral may overtake me in the next few minutes and I'll feel guilty for my excess. Or maybe not.

  21. Greetings to you Stewey. I enjoy your postings. They are always good for a laugh, and help to make life seem not so bad at times. Go to my blog and pick up a reward I have left for you.

  22. Gorgeous Handbasket of Hell contents there! ;)

  23. You don`t have as many WIPs as I do...I have given up feeling guilty!

    I am starting a new sampler this weekend. Oh well...

    The squirrels are funny! You may as well laugh at them, i`ve yet to find a squirrelo proof bird feeder...

    Kisses to Stewey...

  24. How about the bed of unbelievable, the deep hole of lost causes, the forgottten but not forgotten, an oasis of guilt. Any of these could be used. I just don't like the handbasket from hell.

  25. Well, I thought you'd be proud of yourself to know that your LJP canvaswork has finally gotten to me. I'm purchasing Sapphire Star as soon as I can find it. Are there any beds open at Stitchy Rehab? ;-D