Feb 4, 2010


My mo-ther can't come to the blog right now. I've sent her to her room to think about what a beast she's been these last few days and so that I can have some peace and quiet when I call the doc for some new meds. I've been seeing a lot of different commercials on the TeeVee for stuff that I think will help her, but I'm not sure if my puppy insurance will cover any of it. (I have to hide it in a piece of cheese to get her to take it, so it's better if I just go buy the stuff and not tell her too many details.)

Anywhoose...I rummaged around in the studio last night and came up with a new project for the old lady to start. I occurred to me that one of the things that was making her mad was the fact that she hadn't started anything new in a long time. She seemed to be on a "let's get some of these damn WIP's finished" kick, so I figured we'd nip that one right in the bud.
I picked Shepherd's Bush Thoughtful Heart because I thought the sentiment was particularly good. I also thought it might prompt my mom to start thinking about Valentine's Day and all of the wonderful presents that she will surely purchase for me. I'm pretty simple this year, actually. All I want are some new silk boxers. Oh, and world peace.

The Winter Olympics will start soon, which means we'll probably have some more angst over the lack of appropriate stitchy projects. Don't worry....I'm on it. I've pulled out the notebooks that contain all of Stitchy Aunt Laura J. Perin's charts and I think I'll kit one up with some USA colors. That way, when Mother recalls the "Project Which Shall Not Be Named. Ever." I can just slip the kit into the Happy Chair and hope that it will distract her for a while.

She's like that, don't you know. If you wave something pretty and shiny at her, she'll stop dead in her tracks to oohh and ahh over it and you can just get on with your life.

(If that fails, you can also say "Do I smell bar-be-que ribs?" and she'll be off like a shot to the nearest Famous Dave's for sustenance.)

(What can I say? I pup's gotta' do what a pup's gotta' do.)

Today is cold and gloomy, and even the damn squirrels seem to be bored. I'm keeping myself busy by peeing on the drapes and reading The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. I started it yesterday afternoon and find that I just cannot put it down. Oddly enough, as we were listening to the BBC before falling asleep last night, we heard a report about "locked-in" syndrome and how doctors are discovering that sometimes these patients are actually conscious in there. I find this subject fascinating, despite the tough emotions that come with, but if I want to have a future in neurosurgery I suppose I should really bone up on this stuff.

I hope that wherever you are is pleasant and lovely and bright. And, if there's a crabby spinster in your vicinity that you are adequately prepared with a sedative and nice cup of peppermint tea.

With love from your pal,


  1. A new start should help a lot! It has been a long time. Mmmmmm.... Famous Dave's!

  2. Glad to hear you are putting so much thought into your mommy's care!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Thoughtful Heart is such a beautiful design! I can't wait to see more!! :)

  4. You really can't go wrong with a Shepherd's Bush design, and that is a particularly lovely one. Maybe when I lose my stitching mojo, I need to start a new project. I think I like that idea! Stewey, you are so wise!

    With the impending Olympics, I've been thinking about "The Project That Must Not Be Named, EVER", and I'm afraid that the alien that possessed your mother's mind when she attempted that project has now invaded my mind. That project has been calling me from my LNS. I find that the threads for it have been gathering in my stitching room for the past year. What's one more BAP floating around the house?


  5. I'm sure your mom will love working on TH by SB and maaaan, now I want some ribs!

  6. Stewey - will you be my valentine?

  7. Stewey, you take such good care of your Mommy! Your stitching choice for her is perfect.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you receive lovely gifts. Please give your mommy a nice gift by NOT peeing on the drapes.


  8. OMG what a sweet project to start! Great choice Stewey! You are being so thoughtful to your mommy!

  9. Ah, Stewey, your mo-ther is so fortunate to have you to care for her. Keep up the good work.

  10. Don't be too hard on her Stewy your Mum will be right when she finds her mojo and if you've hidden it now would be a good time to confess , good boy .

  11. Not to bring up bad memories but what is "The project that shall not be mentioned. Ever"? Just curious.

  12. Very thoughtful you are to your mo-ther and thank you for the tea idea. I made myself a cup :)