Dec 30, 2009


My resolution not to make any resolutions lasted a full seventeen and a half minutes, so I feel I'm definitely making progress on the whole "stop being a general nut case" front. (To celebrate, Stewey and I will be having a little scoop of peppermint ice cream later on, but don't tell anybody.)

I spent the day up in the studio putzing around and I came up with what I can only hope will be a simply fabulous method to my madness for 2010.

(Before I did that, though, I put all of the Christmas stitching away with a heavy sigh and then decided that I could keep the Raymond Crawford canvas out until it's completed. I think the next to last lesson is on its way to me now and then it probably won't be but another week or two until the final one, so I'm allowing myself a little extension on the whole holiday merriment experience.)

(I also went through the big WORK IN PROGRESS PILE OF DEATH and culled it down to 10 projects. Yup. You read that right. 10. The rest I put in a big basket that shall henceforth be known as The Island of Misfit Toys.)

Seeing how it's going to be 2010 and all, I decided that it will be THE YEAR OF 10's. On the personal/home front, all of my goals are conveniently categorized and sub-categorized into multiples of 10. Nifty, wouldn't you agree? (Don't worry, I won't bore you with any of THOSE goals, but suffice it to say that if I'm not a petite blonde tri-athelete by the end of the year I'll be very disappointed.)

(Note to self...need to lose 720 pounds, figure out what the hell a triathalon is, and get hair dyed blonde.)

Back to the stitching....

After careful consideration, I have decided that my stitchy basket shall contain the following at all times:

1) a painted canvas with a stitch guide
2) a counted canvas project
3) the official Spinster Stitcher 2010 BAP: Peaceful Paradise
4) a seasonal cross stitch project
5) a big Shepherd's Bush kit
6) a few small "weekend" cross stitch projects
7) a WIP
8) a Christmas ornament

Now rather than get my colon all twisted in knots trying to figure out a rotation of said contents of said stitchy basket, I decided that I get to play with whatever the heck I want to play with, but if at all possible, I'll pick my toy from the list above. That way, I might actually have a shot of reaching the following goals:

1) stitch 5 painted canvases
2) stitch 10 counted canvas pieces
3) stitch 10 Christmas ornaments
4) finish 1 BAP
5) get 10 pieces finished/framed

(You should probably know that in the midst of all of this I also decided to be better about keeping up with my unruly eyebrows and laundry piles, so the chances of me ever mentioning this post again are very very very s.l.i.m.)

Stewey has decided that his only New Year's resolution for 2010 will be to HAVE MORE PLAY TIME WITH MOMMIE and to try not to pee on the drapes so much, so I have to admire his brevity.

As I was doing all of this organizing and heavy thinking today it occurred to me that I haven't made New Year's resolutions for almost 20 years now. Hmmmm. Wonder if this explains the current state of affairs around here?

Aunt Chrissy and I hit the grocery for provisions tonight, and methinks our handsome butcher friend has an eye out for my little sister. There she was, strolling through the store with her fancypants glasses on and her new Christmas scarf thrown jauntily over her shoulder, when he came from behind the counter to shake her hand and say hello. (I, of course, thought he was coming over to say Happy New Year, so when he went to shake my hand I grabbed the guy and kissed him full on the face.)

Um. Awkward.

Anywhoose, he is a super nice gentleman, and I would be thrilled to welcome him into our meat-loving, man-starved crazy little family. So keep your fingers crossed that he's actually smitten and that I'll be able to dish more dirt soon!

As for me, I'll just stick with my little nine-pound bundle of love and will continue to be a happy spinster. (I actually have to do this because I haven't the foggiest idea of how to change the damn heading on this here blog.)

Off to watch "When Harry Met Sally" and to cuddle the dog! Night night, kids!


  1. I haven't made resolutions in years either, Coni. At first I was wondering what a BAP is but then figured it out (I have a few of those myself that are still WIPs). I plan on looking through my pile-o-canvas this week and picking out one WIP and one new canvas as well as one small 'travel' piece and working on those in rotation. I started years ago actually making my own frames but haven't done any in a while so add that to the list. I believe at last count I have 49 items that need to be framed or finished into something. Maybe I can reduce that by 10 this year too. Hope all of you have a wonderful New Years weekend and lots of stitching time.

  2. I have my fingers crossed for auny Chrissy.. That man would be some new meat for the meat dept.. LOL
    Take my advice... Hang with Stewey & Bosco !!! LOL. I am organizing my stash this week. 1 box down 5 to go...

  3. I have to tell you, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and I absolutely LOVE it. About 2 months ago we had to take an older dog in because her dad was bad and had to go to the big house. shhh. Brooke (so called dog) thinks that her dad is on vacation and she writes him letters. Brooke and Stewey would be good friends. They might fight over the drapes lol but in the end Im sure they would get along. And the comment on your post about SB, if you have ever seen my blog, you would see that Im addicted and my so called basket (big box) is mostly SB. Help, I can't seem to get away. Happy New year to you. I wish I could make resolutions but they never seem to last so I gave up. :)

  4. My stitchy resolution this year is to deal with my UFOs and to "finish or fling"! Good luck with your goals, and a Happy New Year to you and Stewey!

  5. I imagine Stewey and Bosco would approve of Mr. Meat Man! A nice man is always a good thing. I think your idea of the year of 10 is a good one, but there is no way I'd finish that much stitching, so I will modify that a tetch. I think my only resolution is going to be to stitch every day....even if only for a little while. I'd prefer to spend every waking minute stitching, but have a house full of 'others' who would eventually object about the lack of clean undies. Grace Kelly would also get in a snit. She doesn't pee on curtains, but follows my every movement with a doleful look that burns a hole in my heart. Happy New Year Coni!

  6. Fingers crossed on keeping your goals! I know you can do it!!

    BTW, what is Lilly Frog (in your 10 WIPs)?

    Also, changing the title is simple. Select "Layout" under your title of your blog (Manage Blogs on Dashboard). Then click "Edit" on the Title box (your Title will actually show in the box and not the word "title"). Then change it to say what you want...

    Good Luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR from central Florida!!!

  7. You always manage to make me smile with your posts!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your sister!!

  8. Thanks to you and Stewey for all the wonderful blogs this year, I've really enjoyed reading them.
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!(Happy New Year)

  9. Good luck on your resolutions! I have no doubt that you can accomplish them! :)

  10. Very sensible goals there, Stewie! I'm with you on the weight loss one, Coni...just not the blonde part. As for the Christmas ornament in your basket, I may be able to help keep you on track with that one....I've organised a Festive Ornament SAL. You are welcome to pop over and check it out at


  11. Golly, you make me laugh. I knew I could count on you!

  12. Wow, your island of Misfit Toys is quite impressive, I love it, lol. Good luck with your resolutions. I never make resolutions, but I call them plans. I love planning my stitching year and I'm inmidst of doing so.
    Have a great 2010, you, Aunt Crissie ad Stewey.