Nov 16, 2009


Yet another exciting day here at Chez Spinster. Laundry is merrily sploshing about in the machine and Stewey is snoozing on his perch. Wow wee, what a life I lead!

I decided to be a good little student and get a start on my "long distance learning" class from Bedecked and Beadazzled. It's my very first time with one of these, so I didn't want to get too too far behind. I finished all of Lesson One, but had to put it down for a bit on Sunday because my fingers were too darn sore to pull thread through canvas and my eyes were a bit buggy. (I blame it on the french knots that were done in Ribbon Silk. Hard to do, but a lovely result.)

Aunt Chrissy and I puttered about the LNS on Saturday morning and I got the bright idea to translate two more Laura J. Perin designs into Vineyard Silks. Indian Summer and Indian Autumn are two designs that I've lusted over for quite some time now, so what better time to have some fun and play with the colors? (Now please note that I'm going to STOP doing this real soon because a) Vineyard Silks are an expensive addiction and b) Laura J. Perin Her Very Self is the designer and knows a LOT more about EVERYTHING when it comes to color than I do. There's a reason why her designs are so gorgeous...she knows color like nobody's business.)

The Caron Watercolours is Burnt Toast, one of my very favorites. And I'm happy to point out that I am using Rainbow Gallery's Fyre Works, which is what Laura calls for as the metallic accents. I usually run screaming the other way when it comes to metallic threads, and up until now I have always traded them out for my beloved Flair, but methinks I have finally turned a corner and am now metallic thread friendly. Woo hoo.

Darn washer! It's already asking me for a new load. Am I the only person on the planet who wishes laundry would take longer so that she could sit in front of the computer all day reading stitchy blogs?


  1. I have a soft spot for Burnt Toast--it was the very first Caron color I ever used...

    Interestingly, my word verification is "unochre." But burnt toast is rather ochre.

  2. I love your colour have great colour sense. Why not change them around?

  3. Woohoo, another couple of fantastic new projects. I love the Merry Christmas piece you're doing. Looks like fun!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the new Perin piece. I really love your last one. They actually look like something that I could actually finish (although not with as wonderful results as yours - I'm can't pick out fibers unless I have a guide of some sort. Can't wait to see your progress on the Christmas piece too.

  5. Love the color choices! Can't wait to see the progress.

  6. You are too ambitious! Laundry and all of these new stitching projects!

  7. I can see that I shall have to start collecting Watercolors!

    BTW, I was in Zionsville, IN this past weekend, and there was a great stitching shop there. One of their framed models was a LJP that was done in different colors, and it was gorgeous!! I think it was "Snowflake." (????) Not sure--didn't have enough time to really shop. Anyway, change colors all you want--they always turn out gorgeous!

  8. Stitching always takes precedence over laundry. (Just ask my family. They've witnessed this first-hand.) And ironing boards should only be used to prepare stitching projects for finishing.

    Got it?

  9. I like Burnt Toast also. What is it about that color?

    You aren't the only one. I wish everything would stop so I can have some blog-reading time.