Aug 18, 2009


Dear Mr. Macy,
I would like to put my name into consideration for your Thanksgiving Parade Extravaganza. I consumed enough salt yesterday to cause me to plump up to a good-sized balloon this morning, so if I attach my Tammy Faye Bakers and find something festive to wear, will you consider me? I think I would be a nice addition to the event, and stitchers everywhere will be glued to their TeeVees wondering what the hell I'm up to now.
Thank you for your time,
The Even More Zaftig and now Very Thirsty Spinster Stitch

Hoooo, boy. I'm not sure exactly when the wheels feel off the bus, but I went to bed last night with my heart pounding and my blood pressure thumping my ear drums. I must have used half a box of Kosher salt on tomato sandwiches throughout the day, and all I could think of was the vast quantity of water that I was going to drink as soon as my feet hit the floor this morning. For a person who doesn't normally use a lot of salt, I seem to have made up for spades.

Progress continues on CCN's "Needlework Shop".
If I put my mind (and needle) to it, I just might finish this one today.

Aunt Chrissy mentioned that "Garden Girl" would look really cute in a "shabby-chic" white frame hung in the guest room, and I'm thinking that this one might be a good companion. Who knows? Maybe I'll go get all of the LHN/CCN pieces that I've finished and get them all done together for a motif, so to speak. And if I ever realize my dream of having all of my Laura J. Perin's made into pillows, I might have to consider sleeping in there permanently (as opposed to just on the nights when Stewey makes me).

I'll leave you with a pic that I just snapped through the front window of what I think is a Blue Heron? All I know is the damn thing stands about five feet tall and I'm not going to go anywhere near it. Sheesh...I swear I live in Marlin Perkin's Wild Kingdom.


  1. Too funny, Coni!! Drink LOTS of water today to flush the salt of your system :)

    Yes, that's a Blue Heron but unless you've turned into a salty fish overnight, he won't bother you...LOL

  2. Absolutely hillarious! You are so funny!

    I love your CCN pieces, so much, I ordered me a CCN pattern and all the fixins from abcstitch. I can't wait for it to get here, so I can start! You are definetly good for business!

  3. Yup, a great blue heron. A beauty.

  4. Marlin Perkins? You just aged yourself, girl! I think there's a whole series of shabby chic frames for those pieces.

  5. Love your posts. Hope that the salt has been flushed out of your body by now. Love the CCN piece too! And we have birds like that in our ponds around here, but I don't think that they're 5 feet tall - maybe three.

  6. You are such a hoot, Coni. Love your new CCN piece, its really pretty. I'm thinking I need this chart now, too. You are definitely good for the stitching business.

  7. Be-u-ti-ful!! The piece and the bird! LOL, and as usual, a very funny story!!


  8. coni, you have become my idol. how do I look forward to reading your blog every day. Thanks you , I now have all my Laura Perin supplies and am jumping in on my first project

  9. Mmmm. Nothing quite like a tomato sandwich straight from the garden, so to speak! Just drink a lot of water and you'll feel better again.

  10. Coni, Thanks for the laugh! You just made my day!! Oh, and I'll date myself right along with you. I didn't even hesitate over the reference to Marlin Perkins, though if you had mentioned Jim Fowler, it might have gone right by me.

  11. Hi Coni,

    Too funny about your diet. I hope you drank lot's of water today to flush all of that salt out of your system. :-)

    Yep, that's a blue heron and he won't bother you. That is if you are not a fish. LOL!

    And yes I watched his show but I was very young at the time. :-)

    Just spent a day last week in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom in addition to time in the other parks. The animals that roam the parks are definitely not afraid of people!

    Also we have trouble when we are in Florida as we don't like to step on the tiny lizards though the locals don't worry about them probably since there are sooooo many. :-)

    Love the progress on your CCN piece. Yes, please go get a bunch framed. I'd love to see them.

    I'm not stitching right now due to summer and kid activities which are in hyper drive this summer so I'm having fun stitching vicariously through everyone's blogs. But watch out on Labor Day when I can sit in my stitching chair and figure out where the heck I stopped on everything. LOL!

    Windy Meadow

  12. Love the colors used in the needlework shop. Great job of stitching!

  13. Coni I hope by now you're guzzling water. That is a gorgeous blue heron! And do like your CCN piece! I think the guest room is a great idea for them. Tomato and mayo sandwiches are the best. Especially garden tomatoes. : ) Hugs to Stewey!

  14. I envy your fresh tomato sandwiches. Although I live in California, I live in the great fog belt of San Francisco. I will never have home grown tomatoes. Instead of salt, why not add bacon to that sandwich?