Jul 21, 2009


Oh, for pity's sakes...get your heads out of the gutter. I'm a spinster after all, so quickies for me usually refer to meals, showers, and/or glances at the evening news.

1) Needlepoint terms that I butchered and misused in my last post: Sorry, kids. I usually think of the stuff that I do in terms of a few basic categories. My names for these categories are probably not correct, but here's the definitions of them that I use/misuse on a regular basis:

a) Cross stitch...just what it says. Work that is mostly defined with a "X" stitch on linen.
b) Counted canvas or canvas work...this is stuff I do on canvas that uses a chart.
c) Painted canvas...when the design is already painted onto the canvas.
d) Hardanger...well, it's..um....hardanger.
e) Crewel...this one is done on ulster linen and usually uses a sharp needle and wool yarn.

I call both "b" and "c" needlepoint since they both use stitches that are found in "needlepoint" books. I always think of needlepoint as mostly basketweave/tent stitch and/or "specialty" stitches like rhodes stitches, jessicas, etc. I think, though, that needlepoint could refer to ANY stitching that's done on canvas, regardless of the stitches.

OK, since I've screwed that up enough for one day, I highly encourage you to go to your reference books and straighten it all out for yourselves. Then make a mental note that I am a boob.

2) Well, you just knew that I'd screw up the shark thing now, didn't you? Thanks To Delfi for explaining that "jump the shark" means a decline in quality. I suppose this means that Happy Days was, in fact, a good show until the shark episode. After that, the series declined. The fact that I got this one TOTALLY wrong makes me think I need to turn in my NPR membership card.

Oh well, what can I say? Sometimes a girl just needs to make stuff up.

Panic, chaos, and disorder. My work here is done.


  1. Coni, you didn't say anything wrong (unless I skimmed.) Both b and c ARE needlepoint. Your explanation was just fine... don't start doubting yourself. =)

  2. Coni, any day that you make us laugh is a great day! I love reading your blog, & Cara & Mia have Stewie on the list of the "Few Dogs in the Universe That We Actually Like" (probably because he lives half a nation away!).

    Anyway, I completely understood your post....what does that mean??


  3. Coni, to know you is to love you. Maybe one day someone will want to buy your blog and feature it as a movie, as with Julie & Julia.

    You never know....

  4. Coni, I have been a "lurker" for sometime but I had to post this morning to say that I SO enjoy reading your blog! Everytime it pops up as new in my blog list I can't wait to see what's happening now at Chez Spinster! Thanks for sharing your and Stewie's life with us! Have a great day! Meredith

  5. Can I just say that now when I look at my dog (a miniature, champagne poodle) I wonder what he's up to when I'm not looking, and if he and Stewie are email pals.


  6. I wondered why you used the Jump the Shark reference but trust me, unlike the Fonz, your blog hasn't Jumped the Shark and won't anytime soon. You and Stewey are always enjoyable.

  7. Denise and I are in agreement. I understand all of your posts, so what does that mean? I know ... "great minds think alike"! Yeah, that's it. Never mind that the rest of the quote is "and fools seldom differ." Nah, that's not us.

  8. I make stuff up all the time! :)

  9. Your blog is one of the first I look for in my list - and is a great way to start the day.
    I'm sure I have some mono canvas in my stash - will look for it on the weekend - now to find a chart to fit....thanks for the inspiration

  10. LOL, I didn't notice anything wrong with your last post. Anyone who did really, really needs to get out more. lol

    Thanks for the humorous posts!