Jul 17, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's been overcome by the vapors. This morning she read the comment by Stitchy Aunt Sandra asking if she could be pregnant, and she fainted dead away right there on the spot.

If, in fact, my mo-ther was anything remotely near the "with glorious child" state, we better get ready for the tour buses full of pilgrims clutching their rosary beads. I suspect that the multi-national attention that this news would garner would be much like the sighting of the BVM(*) that folks often see in water stains on the sides of houses.

So, no...Mommie Dearest is not expecting anything other than me peeing on the drapes and looking adorable while doing it. But thanks for asking.

We're off to the weekend (as is evidenced by the mumus coming out of the closet and the blender getting ready for the mocktails). Aunt Chrissy will be here shortly to join in the opening ceremonies, so I'd better get moving. Have a splendid weekend, kids!


(*) Apparently, this is a Catholic thing....Mom uses it whenever she and Aunt Chrissy talk about some nice lady named Mary.


  1. Mumus and mocktails, a great combination!

  2. Enjoy your weekend! Hope your mom can recover from the vapors.

  3. Stewey your a riot. Thanks for making me laugh. CJ ok;-)

  4. Oh dear Stewey, I do hope your Mom recovered quickly from her faint, I didn't mean to upset her, it was just that pregnant ladies often clean their homes just before the event - I think it's called 'nesting'.

  5. The words you weave into hilarious stories!!! You got me crying/laughing yet again! Faye

  6. Dude...quit peeing on the drapes, you're giving dogs a bad name.