Jun 1, 2009


Whew! What a weekend! I have to say that I accomplished more in the last two days than I seem to have accomplished in the last two years (or so it seems).

The vegetable garden is planted and well-watered thanks to a lovely shower we're having. I haven't a clue as to whether or not I put anything in the right place or whether or not anything will actually grow, but I put my hands in the dirt and I tried, so amen.

Aunt Chrissy added to my pear collection this weekend...woo hoo! There we were in Lowe's, looking for stuff to keep the bugs and critters at bay, when we spotted this: Isn't she lovely? And huge! (I imagine that she bought this for me to distract me from the eight-foot tall fountains that were lurking just beyond the sliding doors). This was MUCH easier to get in the car. Trust me.

I re-organized my stitchy basket, yet again, and picked up an oldie but goodie:This is a bargello project that was featured in several issues of Needlepoint Now. I started this all the way back in 2006 and figured that now was as good a time as any to see about finishing it. I remember when I first started stitching....I decided that I would do bargello and nothing but bargello. That lasted about ten minutes, but I have never stopped loving it. I am, by the way, stitching this on 22 count Zweigart canvas with all of the suggested threads. The chart calls for Waterlilies, Needle Necessities, and DMC floss, and I managed to have them all and not pilfer them over the years for other projects. (Yay, me!).

I also cut and looped all of the Gentle Art Sampler Threads onto the Annie's threadkeeps. I practiced, and found out that I can use the needle to pull one single ply off of the loop at a time. Since I'm stitching this 2/2, I guess that means that I will have to pull two ply and stick 'em back together. I was (gasp), using one long ply of thread and folding it in half so that I would have a loop to secure it, but I have since realized that one should NOT do this with overdyed threads, since you loose the variegated effect. I know that Aunt Chrissy taught me that early on, but I forgot. (There goes my A+ in Stitchy 101).

We're off to a good start for the week here at Chez Spinster. Stewey only has one load of laundry to fold and then I can accurately say that all of the chores on our list are finally finished. I bribed him with an extra cookie this morning to unload the dishwasher, so methinks we've found a new motivational tool. Considering the fact that he bribed me last night with some coffee crunch ice cream to load the damn thing, methinks I'm not really the one in charge in our little household. Damn dog.


  1. Your gardening all looks very professional - hope it grows as well as it looks! Look forward to seeing more of your bargello too.

  2. And thanks very much - you've got me here at work singing the Carpenters now. Oh well, time to go home soon.

  3. I want a little raised veggie garden like yours, LOL. Mine have to make do in pots like you i don't know if the will flourish or perish, time will tell!

    Bargello, not come across that one before, looks lovely & colourful though.

  4. The garden looks great and how nice to get the rain right on que. I adore this bargello project you are working on, I may have to track that down. The thread thing is a common mistake it's probably covered in intermediate cross stitch. So glad someone shared your blog with me. CJ ok;-)

  5. Great photos and the garden already look good enough to eat!!

    Did Stewy help you dig holes?

  6. The Hawaiian Mandala I am working on is all silks. Beautiful to look at and great to stitch BUT they do want to escape the needle with every stitch. I have been doubling up and looping non variegated single threads from NPI, but what to do with those variegated threads? After the tenth time I had to rethread the needle, I decided to create a loop with both threads at the very end and secure it as I would a metallic thread. No more escapees!

  7. You need the Sampler that says "My Dog allows me to live here!"
    Like the Bargello, AND the garden.

  8. The bargello piece is lovely!!!

  9. Peer pressure!!!! Cut it out, Coni!! You've made me remember my class pieces from way back...and they haven't harrassed me for some time. Now they'll be back on my case, no doubt. Your bargello looks great...but, I hope Stewey makes you wash the kitchen floor for giving me peer pressure!! :P
    Kisses back at Stewey from Miss Clara

  10. Your garden looks great. Just tell Stewey to remember to use the watering can for the watering and not just to pee on it!

    Your Annie's threadkeeps arrived very quickly - a report on these would be appreciated once you have tried them out.

    Love your pears!

  11. Love the Bargello piece. Can't believe I hadn't thought of creating a piece like that myself. What a great idea!

  12. Oh, thank goodness I got caught up with you tonight! Your garden and yard are beautiful. My little deck and I are green with envy.

    You are the bargello babe! Fabulous project.

    On the floss question, I'm a bag lady. Yes, it's a big pain in the ass when there are a lot of colors, but it's the only thing that appeals to me.

  13. Oh how I love the Bargello piece. I have always loved bargello and this *almost* makes me want to try it.

    Nope, still chicken.

    Can I lure you to Virginia with crab dip?