Jun 22, 2009


As in Bo. Bo Ring.

I'm as bored as a spinster can be with her stitchy things. I am flitting from piece to piece and getting frustrated that I can't seem to spend more than ten minutes with something before I'm headed to the big girl sleigh bed for a nap. What's up with that?

On Friday I baby sat for my nephew puppy tot Bosco. We were supposed to have heavy storms, so I headed over to get the little guy so he wouldn't be by himself. He doesn't do well with storms, whereas Stewey is oblivious. I'd love to tell you that we had a splendid time, but methinks Bosco has had enough of Stewey's bitchy attitude....he was a little pill all day long. At about 3pm, I felt the need to call Aunt Chrissy at work to rat him out, and I can tell you that she was NOT amused. (It might have had something to do with me pretending to be Mrs. Pelachewski of the Puppy Paws Day Care Center, but I can't be sure.) Anywhoose, stitching on Friday was reduced to me sitting up in the studio staring into basket after basket wondering what the heck my stitchy problem was.

I selected a painted canvas from Cooper Oaks and put some stitches in before falling asleep with needle in hand. I played with it a little more on Saturday, but decided to put it down for a little while to watch the TeeVee:
Yesterday, I planted my heiney in the Happy Chair and decided to catch up on my NetFlix rents, so I pulled out the Big Zipper and did this while watching a movie with John Travolta and James Gandolfini:
The title of the movie was "Lonely Hearts" and it was a detective drama set in 1940's New York. I must say that it was rather disturbing to this lonely old spinster. Maybe I should read the plot summaries of these movies instead of just picking them for the hunky actors? I also watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", but will confess that I had to stop for a nap in the middle.

Maybe it's a vitamin deficiency?

Even Stewey is bored to tears. He had hoped to go to Art Camp this year, but I didn't get the registration filled out in time. Besides, outfitting him with a proper summer wardrobe that would meet with his high expectations would have drastically cut into my stitchy budget. Bad Mommie.

So we'll try again today to see what progress we can make on the stitchy front. I'm really going to try not to catch a bad case of Startitis and concentrate instead on all of the stuff languishing away...desperate for just a few more stitches closer to a finish line.


  1. Hi Coni,

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit 'fed up'! I find that stitching a fast finish usually gets me stitching a bit, but sometimes I can't stick at anything either - frustrating, isn't it?

    As for the naps..... if you are sleeping more than usual, it may be worth getting your thyroid levels checked, especially if you are colder than usual too.....

    I hope your stitching stamina returns soon, but in the meantime your blog is as much fun to visit as always!


    Jackie (in England) x

  2. Maybe it is just the time of the year -- you know it is summer and pretty nice outside. I am doing the same type of thing -- I will think I feel like stitching, then I'm not inspired with what I pull out to stitch. *sigh* By the way, every time I look at my Laura J Perin patterns, I think of you; so that is a good thing!

  3. I've been "bouncing around", too from project to project. Is it contagious!!!??? OMG!! There should be a vaccine developed immediately, don't ya think??

  4. Hi Coni,
    if you find the magic cure for this disease, please post it.... I am eat up with it!

  5. When I run into this problem (and don't we all from time to time?) I usually just take a few days off and lose myself in a good book or two.
    Try "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", or "Eat, Pray, Love". They're both page turners and a little rest from stitching often makes me more eager to get at it again.

  6. So, so sorry to hear you're in a stitching/reading slump. I'd suggest, but you may be fed up with suggestions and just need a good cry or something. Got any old dishes you could throw? Oops ... those are probably suggestions. Best of luck with the blahs.