Jun 16, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy running around the house like a crazy person chanting "Books, books everywhere and not a one to read" (or something to that effect). She's also miffed because I've taken away her debit card until she can promise to use better control when in a book store or, God forbid, a needlework shop. She may, however, go completely hog wild when in PetSmart.

It all started when she disappeared last night to the local Borders. The store is less than a mile from the house, so she figured if she got into too much trouble and had to be rescued, I could be there in a few minutes. Apparently she was looking for a big fat book to read for the summer, but she ended up coming home with these instead: As you might be able to see from the titles, she was hungry while she browsed. I thought this only applied to grocery stores, but let me be the first to tell you: never shop for books when you're hungry. The top three books are foodie books, and I found out that she would have come home with all three Ruth Reichl's, but the store didn't have them in stock. So it looks like we're going to have to make due with Gordon Ramsey, Anthony Bordain, and Julie Powell for now. (Mom has been in a tizzy over the upcoming movie about Julia Childs ever since she saw a preview for it, so I suppose she decided to read the book first to keep her from peeing herself in anticipation.)

My favorite author, Garrison Keillor is on the bottom of the pile (well, he's not, but his book is), so I hope that's not an indication of when she intends to get to it. Mom is nice enough to read to me at night night time so I suppose that I shall have to wait to see when we can go to Lake Woebegone once again.

I thought I would share a few pics of some of the other places the old lady has used to park all of her books. Now before you call the authorities, you should probably know that most of these books have been collected over her long-ass lifetime. You see, mom doesn't lend books out because of the line in "Out of Africa". Lemme see if I can re-create it for you:

MS (this would be Merrill Streep, don't you know): Oh, you've caught me snooping.
B (this is Barkley): It's OK, it's not my room. It's Denis's room and Denis won't mind.
MS: He has lovely books. Does he lend them?
B: We had a friend once...Hopworth. Denis lent him some books and he didn't return them. I said to Denis, "You're not going to lose a friend over some silly books, are you?" and Denis replied "No, but he has".

(Cue applause).

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! That was the Stewey Players with a scene from the Oscar award winning hit "Out of Africa".

(Oh, sorry...I digress.)

Anywhoose, my point is that our house will eventually fall in upon itself due to the weight of all of these books. Mom thinks it will be her stitching stash that will do us in, but according to my very careful and scientific calculations, I am sure it will be the books.

There are books in the bedroom:

There are books in the dining room (the wine is mine, by the way...my special wine cellar is on back order): And there are books hidden in the office: You've already seen the books in the living room, so I won't bore you with a reprise of that mess. Suffice it to say I've got a TON of reading to do!

Mom didn't stitch last night, but she promised me we will get back to the "Big Zipper" project this afternoon. I keep reminding her that she hasn't touched her WIP basket in quite some time, but she seems oblivious to the need to get these things finished. I heard her tell a lady once that it's bad luck to have ALL of your projects finished because of the whole Charles Shultz thing (*), so I guess she's trying to keep her karma on the plus side of things.

That's my report for today, kids. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to tuck into my perch with a good book or two and see if I can't do something to raise the level of intelligent discourse around here today.

Thanks for stopping by!



*The Charles Shultz thing: On the night before his final Peanuts strip appeared, Charles Shultz went into his studio, put away his drawing things and said "Well, that's it now". And then he went to bed and passed away. My mom took this as a lesson to always have something pending that will cause you to have to get up in the morning.


  1. Thanks for the report Stewey,,and it looks like she didnt do to bad,,it could have been alot worse...happy reading..

  2. Have you read the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon? There are six in the series, each about 800 pages. A seventh is coming out soon.

    They are wonderful historical novels with lots of romance and history. I loved them and like you, I like to dive head first into a book and not come up for air for hours.

  3. Oh Stewey. Those glasses are so you!

  4. Ah Stewey, cut mommie some slack. Books are a good thing. Will keep her out of trouble. Maybe she'll take you for a little shopping trip to Petsmart if you're good! You've got some good books there. Might have to run out and get that Julia book as I like those kind of books. Have already read the other two 'foodie' books.

  5. Dear Stewey -- You leave your mother's books alone! Books are like oxygen. And she doesn't have THAT many books. Here are the books in my bedroom:


    And there are six more large bookcases in other parts of the house including the cookbooks. (Though there are also cookbooks in the pantry. Who needs food when you can read a good cookbook.) I hope she enjoys Julie & Julia. I read it when it first came out, as I grew up on Julia Child on television. Though I haven't been to a movie in an actual theater in years, I know I will be first in line for this one.

    p.s. The glasses are cute!

  6. Your Mom sounds like wonderful women Stewey with all her priorities in place. CJ ok;-)

  7. Oops--guess I wrote too soon about books not being stacked in piles in the bedroom and in closets! Glad to know someone else is as obsessed with reading as I am.

  8. Oh, there is nothing like a good book! I am gladto know about the Charles Schultz thing, now I know I will have a long life because I will never have everything finished and in order!

  9. Now Stewey, don't you get your tail in a bunch about the books and go peeing on them. You know your Mom will read to you every night.

  10. Stewie, thank you for your report. I've managed to cull my book collection every time we've moved - so it's not so bad any more - but it could have been just like your photos. I now find I stand in the middle of the library bewildered and bemused with no idea what i'd like to read - so I resort to re-reading those already in my collection. It's a courageous step to trust an author with your valuable stitching time! Happy Reading!

  11. Hope you have ordered Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires...I loved it!

  12. Love you Stewey! Those glasses are the best!

  13. Just think, Stewey, the books will keep Mom's eyes on the pages, and not on you! What knows what fun things you will discover need your expertise this Summer!

    Tell her that the Julia/Julie book is a fun read, and you should read Garrison's book pretty early. .like this month, because he has a new book coming out in July or August. Do you get to listen to him on Saturday evenings on WVPE radio?

    I love the glasses! A very intelligent look for you!

  14. Looks like your Mom hit the Buy one Get One Half Off Table Stewey. She did well with her purchases. If you think she has a lot of books you should see my house. I finally whittled down from 5000 books to a little over 1000. I now work at Borders. Needed something to try to control my addiction.

  15. Well, Stewey...those are impressive pics of your mommie's books, but I must tell you that when we moved several years ago, there 43 cartons of books to move!! (We lived in an old victorian house that had a library in it and I was determined to fill it...LOL). So, your mommie has a ways to go :)

  16. Your blog is just great and Stewey is so darn cute too. Confederacy of Dunces is such a hoot; good read for sure. Enjoy your summer reading. And thanks for the news about Julia's movie, had not heard that.

  17. Hi Stewey, Buy your Mom a Kindle 2. You will be forever in her good graces and she will be so busy reading she will not know you are peeing on the drapes. My Mom has had her nose stuck all day in her Kindle reading Julia and Julie and laughing her head off. Needless to say, I have been running through the house with wild abandon today!
    Your Mini Schnauzer friend in crime, Bella Rose

  18. Love the glasses Stewey! Purple is definitely your color ;o)

    I had to laugh at the title of one of those books in the bedroom....The Case of the Missing Books!!

  19. Hi Stewey, your Mom is in exalted company at having so many books around her house. People who love and read books do that! Only the aristocracy keep them all in libraries. Your Mom is a woman after my own heart. I have to borrow from the public library since I was made redundant and can't afford to buy but I am still a voracious and catholic reader. Well done Connie

  20. Looks like you are ready to enjoy a couple of weeks of summer reading, surely you will need more books before the summer is out! Enjoy

  21. Your Mom is a wise woman Stewey, she is leading you by example.

    I knew that about Charles Shulz, that's why I always have something pending too!

    Love the specs....they compliment your eyes :)

  22. Stewey --

    This is nothing, we have moved just to find more space for books (piles on the floor is NOT decorating and w bought our last two houses with an eye for space for bookshelves.

    Before we moved we got rid of 50 boxes of books and that was less than 1/3 of what we had.

    Now off to finish the current book.

    Keep Stitching,

  23. I'm loving the little witch that is hidden in the corner!!!

  24. LOL, love the update, Stewey!

  25. Thanks for the book report Stewey! Tell your Mom that she will enjoy "Julie and Julia," and I'm sure she will let you see the movie. 'Till then, enjoy all the fun bedtime stories!