Jun 11, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy stomping around the house, bitching up a storm about Jello.

Yes, I said Jello.

Apparently, Mommie Dearest has to have a test tomorrow, so she can only have clear liquids today. And I guess this Jello stuff is on the approved items list, because she made tubs and tubs of it last night.

As you might have figured....my mother has a weird propensity for organizing and re-organizing the refrigerator until it looks like something in a Martha Stewart magazine. In her haste to put the Jello on the perfect shelf, she forgot about the Italian chicken breasts that were marinating just below. (Yes, poultry on the lowest shelf so that if they leak (God forbid) they won't contaminate anything.) (And yes, she learned that from Gordon Ramsey).

I guess these chicken breasts have a LOT of smelly spices on them (like garlic), because the Jello container went flying across the room and I heard Mom yell "How the *%&$ did I make garlic flavored apricot Jello?!"

And then she tried the lemon Jello and the pineapple Jello and the orange Jello and they all tasted like garlic.

So now she's in the bed throwing a big pout that her Jello is stinky and all she wants to eat is a ham sandwich.

As for me, I'm thrilled to have a few hours of quiet around here. I just joined NetFlix, so I've got three good movies to watch this afternoon (provided the old lady decides to just stay in her room). I've got: "Doubt", "Miss Potter", and "Revolutionary Road" for my choices, so methinks it will be a good cinema day! Woo Hoo!


NOTE FROM MOMMIE: Damn dog. Apparently we are in a "let's tell all of our secrets to the whole wide world" mode, and he thinks that as long as he looks cute I won't notice his antics on the web.

Dont' cry for me Argentina. I'm really not at all miserable during this prep....I figure celebrities pay thousands of dollars at fancy spas to get the same result, so my $40 at the Target pharmacy and the resulting report from the doc tomorrow will be all worth it. Stay tuned!


  1. Ooh, good luck with your test tomorrow. And I think if you fast long enough even garlic flavoured jello will seem tasty.

    Miss Potter is lovely. I'm sure you'll love it, Stewey!

  2. I adored Miss Potter, this movie will most definitely cheer up Stewey and Mommie. Good Luck on the test tomorrow, hope you ace it. CJ ok;-)

  3. Oh, my, garlic jello! Guess you'd suspend mushrooms and onions in that instead of fruit bits or marshmallows if you were eating solid foods.

    Best of luck on the test and enjoy the movies with dear Stewey.

  4. Miss Potter is awsome, you and Stewey will have a great time watching it. Hope your test goes well; I have done this twice, the next day is the best so THEN you can eat! Take care!

  5. Garlic flavored jello....hhmmm...I wonder if ice cream or popsicles can be far behind...LOL Maybe Ben and Jerry's would be interested :)

    LOVE "Miss Potter" and will be adding this film to my own library. I love Meryl Streep but DID NOT like "Doubt". Very disappointing, IMHO :)

  6. I agree with everyone here - loved "Miss Potter" too. :) Good luck with the tests!

  7. Not another cute picture of the Stewmeister. Those ears are so perky and that tail...what's it pointing at anyway? Oh, Stewey you are so cute and want to play ball in the house I see.Better wait until mom is feeling better after her test. Good luck tomorrow.

  8. Ugh, I hate those kinds of tests. Hopefully all will turn out well regarding your test tomorrow. In the meantime, yum, garlic jello! LOL

  9. Add some vodka to that jello and you'll be all set. LOL!
    Seriously, though, good luck with the test!

  10. True...Vodka is "clear" isn't it?
    Best we do these ucky preps, and getting a good report is always worth it!

  11. Coni, I hope the test went OK; I'm getting worried because we haven't heard from you or Stewey since then. Hugs.

  12. I am getting caught up so I hope the tests went well. Stewey , what did you think of Revolutionary Rd? I thought it was ok.