May 14, 2009


WARNING FROM MOMMIE DEAREST: If you're tired of reading about the adventures of Stewey (damn dog), please skip to the next post in which I promise to give you a stitchy update. If, however, you are as fascinated with his life as I am...proceed.

Dearest Friends: Oh, how humbled I am to receive your wishes for me on my birthday. I am overwhelmed at the response to my mom's announcement, and will have to point out that it generated more comments than any other topic she's written about. Tee hee for me!

I will send my proper thank you notes forthwith, but I presently await my embossed stationery order to arrive. I felt that my current logo was a little juvenile, and since I'm four now, I thought I would go for a more manly monogram.

My day was wonderful. It started with a little snack in bed, followed by SEVEN tummy rubs! Seven! I usually only get two or three before the old lady drags me out the back door for my morning constitutional, but yesterday she really indulged me.

At six o'clock precisely, we picked up my Aunt Chrissy and headed to: The most important thing I had to do as soon as I entered the store was to select my treats from the bakery counter so that the nice sales clerk could wrap them while I shopped. My Aunt Chrissy help me decide:
Once I got that out of the way, I decided to check out the "healthy options" treats that they offer. I've decided to go all organic all the time, and this place had a pretty decent inventory:

Next it was on to the clothing section. I really liked the pink, orange, and brown combination, but alas, they didn't have anything in my size:

This little stuffed toy was my favorite thing in the store! I played with it for a few minutes to make sure it was suitable, and decided that it would suffice as a little memento of the day:

My only disappointment was that my mom and Aunt Chrissy wouldn't let me get the pink studded collar and matching leash. Pink! And studded! Oh well, I'm saving my allowance, and I'll go pick it up when I have enough cash: The last thing I had to do was pose for a pic with the dreaded hat. Mom and Aunt Chrissy cart this thing out every year for both Bosco and I, and they practically pee themselves giggling over trying to get the perfect picture to share with the world. I, however, was not amused: We did head over to PetSmart after this, but mom forgot to take the damn camera into the store with her. I swear, if her head wasn't attached.....

I managed to find a few new cool toys, and Mom even bought me a bag of some all natural/organic cookies. (They taste awful, but I'm afraid to tell her that since she wanted to get me good 'ol Milkbones and I threw a fit. I'll just stuff them into the sofa cushions until the bag's empty, and then I can go back to my regular ones.)

Aunt Chrissy played Doozie Ball with me once we returned home, but I quickly realized that she cheats, so I forfeited the game. Besides, she looked a little tired after our big adventure, so I figured I'd let her go home to my pesky cousin and call it a night.

So that's it, folks. I'm so glad that you decided to share my day with me! Thank you again for all of my birthday greetings. I am just overwhelmed by your kindness. Now if you could just go back to pretending that you come here to read all about my mom's stitchy stuff, that would be good for all of us.



  1. Thank You Stewey for sharing your birthday adventure at Canine Crazy with me!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Chrissy

  2. Dear Stewey - that was a rare treat - and thank you so much for sharing your special day with us all!!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day for a perfect little guy

  4. Hey Stewey, you are such a good boy. Thanks for letting all of us share your birthday adventures!

  5. Stewey, what a wonderful day you had! Thank you for sharing your special day. I hope you put these pictures in your scrapbook.

    PS -- are you sure you want a pink collar and leash? You're such a stud muffing; I'm just not sure pink is the way to go for you, but it is your wardrobe.

  6. Thankyou for sharing your special day with us, Stewey! It looks like you had THE perfect doggie birthay! Heck! I'd love a human birthday where someone took me shopping for fun things! lol

    Now that the cat is out of the bag. .ooops, wrong description to use here, I suppose. .about how popular you truly are, you might want to consider writing your own blog, so as to not be in direct competition with your Mom. .you wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. Just remember to be tactful when you bring up the suggestion. You don't want to be accused of biting the hand that feeds you. And promise not to dampen her drapes anymore. I know, I know. .that is pushing your limits of civility, but trust me on this. It may just be the bargaining tool that can get you want you want!!

  7. Dear Stewey...thanks for sharing your Birthday adventure with us! You are one pampered pooch!! Good for you...there are so many that aren't!

    I'll continue to visit this blog and pretend I'm interested in your Mom's stitching but what I really AM interested in is reading about you. Don't tell anyone, especially your Mom...LOL

    P.S....I'm not sure the pink collar is a good idea. It might make people wonder...know what I mean (wink, wink)??

  8. Oh, Stewey, I had a couple of hectic days and missed your birthday! Please accept my humble apologies and my belated congratulations on another trip around the sun. Sounds like you had a hell of a day.

  9. A P.S. to my previous comment. I had to leave. I've got sick kitties here, and the vet called to talk, so I signed off in a hurry. Please accept my apologies!

    Stewey, I know that some very nice women have advised you to rethink your desire to have a pink collar and leash, so I'm going against the tide here, when I endorse you getting whatever color you find a passion for! If pink, or purple, or chartreuse is what makes you happy (or a plaid of all three, for that matter! lol), then I say, go for it!! With your color of hair and eyes, it would look smashing on you!

    Thank you again for sharing your special day. I wish you many, many more!!

  10. Dear Stewey - thanks for sharing your birthday. Congratulations on that but also on choosing such a wonderful lady for your Mum! She even shares your sense of humour! As to the pink studded collar - get over it. Whoever heard of pink going with brown and white and I'm afraid you are stuck with your fur coat not even Canine Crazy can help you there.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

  12. sounds like you had a great day Stewey!